Whiteboard for learning and development

Customer onboarding, compliance training, coaching sessions — in all these situations, learning requires new, effective tools.

An over-the-shoulder look into how this gets done

Mobile whiteboards are the medium that allows knowledge to be shared in the most natural possible way — by showing it. So press REC, and just show you what you mean while you’re talking about it!

Use anything to explain everything

The use of a digital whiteboard can be surprisingly powerful. Who would expect that you can explain an entire website by adding an entire live browser to the whiteboard canvas and just taking it from there? Then, put things in motion, spin and rotate them, scroll if needed.

8 Surprising ways to use digital whiteboard

Learning from others anytime, anywhere

Storytelling with visuals is the preferred way of sharing experiences — it’s just easier to show than tell, or point and explain rather than write. Explain Everything was created precisely to facilitate this type of communication.

Things you wouldn’t learn from a book

Explain Everything can help you exchange “tacit knowledge”. It gives you ways beyond words and writing to do so.

The paradox of knowledge

Most of what we know is hard, or even impossible to express as a set of instructions. With Explain Everything you can transfer your experience freely.

Digital whiteboard as a thinking tool

Design thinking with a digital whiteboard

Thinking through drawing is recognized as a legitimate form of reasoning. However, the use of this type of expression in meetings has always been limited to one location and the medium that is paper. Collaborative whiteboards offer an incredible alternative.

Draw together

It’s not me showing and others watching — we can draw together! The canvas of a whiteboard welcomes any form of expression, from drawings to callouts, or any digital media you have at your disposal!

Summarize with a short video

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are the best concepts. Summarize each session with a short explainer video to get everyone on the same page, even if they were absent!

Why visual thinking is important?

Explain Everything for blended learning in the workspace

Learning happens everywhere. You may not want to carry a full-sized chalkboard around with you so as not to miss a chance to learn something new, but you may well consider having a digital whiteboard on your tablet instead!

Face to face

Thanks to whiteboards, face to face learning can be supported with space to sketchnote and then the entire explanation process can be recorded, too.


Presenting with a whiteboard is cool, too. Slides with bullet lists tend to put people right to sleep, while many will lean in to authentic explanations created from scratch right before their eyes.

Online learning

Open a collaborative canvas and let others help you understand. Online learning is more about watching streamed content and asking questions and getting answers in real time.


Don’t miss little opportunities to share bits of understanding. Even a page of a paper manual can be repurposed as a video — capture it with your whiteboard, press REC, and use markups to share your perspective on what’s important.

Enhance visual communication with whiteboards

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