June 21st, 2016 by Sean

“iPads in the Elementary Classroom” Workshops to Include Explain Everything

edtech explain everything workshops google problem-based learning design thinking

Beth Holland is an EdTechTeacher Instructor and Google for Education Certified Trainer who tries to help teachers construct mobile learning environments. This summer she decided to redesign her iPad in the Elementary Classroom workshops that are dedicated to educators.

She emphasized the fact that teachers did not have as much technological experience in their elementary education as children have today. And because of that, educators might feel constrained in using digital tools that could positively influence problem-based learning and design thinking. To minimize their fears in using an increasing amount of technology in the process of teaching, she decided to change how the workshop was conducted in order to encourage all participants to act the age of their kids. In her opinion, approaching technology as a child will allow them to experience a new kind of learning environment.

Explain Everything will be one of the apps used during the workshop. According to Beth:
“ With Explain Everything, we are going to tell stories, explain problems, and practice reading fluency.”

Find out more about the workshop plan on edtechteacher.org

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