September 18th, 2015 by Reshan Richards

iOS 9 Upgrade: Get Stuff Done While you Compress!

Many of our users have asked about whether or not it is safe to upgrade to iOS9 so we are creating a formal news post about it. Good news! Explain Everything 3.0 runs just fine on iOS9. There are a couple of minor quirks, for example, the inspector might only show up in English in certain languages, OneDrive integration may not work for some users in certain cases. We’ll be addressing these in the next updates – in fact version 3.1 is currently awaiting review in the App Store.

One of our favorite things in iOS9 is the new multi-tasking sidebar. If you are compressing a large project as Mp4, you can now pull open the side bar and check your mail, surf the web, send an message, take notes, browse photos, and basically do anything that is available with side-bar multi-tasking support. We used to say that compression time was a built-in way to give people a break from screen time (which we still encourage) but now you can at least attend to other iPad-related matters while waiting for your movie to render.

Photo_Sep_18,_10_43_57_AM Photo_Sep_18,_10_50_35_AM

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