October 19th, 2018 by Sean

How Presenting Using Collaboration Can Hammer Your Message Home

collaborate anywhere

One of the most frustrating problems at work, no matter if you work as a teacher, sales representative, manager or a specialist in your industry, is the lack of understanding. There might be several different solutions to achieve better understanding. One of them is active participation of the other other side, whether it’s your student, a buyer, a teammate or a learner.

Real-time collaboration allows gets everyone on the same page, no matter their location, and gives them the ability to participate actively. Active learning compared with traditional lectures reduces failure rates from 32% to 21%, and increases student performance on course assessments and concept inventories by 0.47 standard deviations. Similar effects can be observed in the sales. A study by Corporate Visions revealed that the more participatory the approach during sales calls the more involved contacts became. They were more likely to take notes or draw simple, concrete visuals and consistently performed best. They were also shown to be vital to improving recall.

collaborate to improve memory

Explain Everything allows users to collaborate in real time between any device, which is made even easier with the new online whiteboard. You can use our application on your iPad, tablet or Chromebook, or open a web browser and start a project from there. Other people can connect to follow your annotations and refer to inserted media. Ask your audience to write something that they would like to address or highlight some elements. Make sure everyone collaborates and that you hear their needs.

Participatory collaboration is vital not only in the classroom, but in the business environment too. Even simple gestures that will make the audience participate actively can bring great results and will make them remember your message.