September 19th, 2017 by Sean

Explain Everything Version 4.2 for iOS is Out Now!

Latest update to Explain Everything

Features For Both Subscription and Classic


iOS 11 Support

If you haven’t updated your device to the new iOS 11 yet, now is a good time! Explain Everything is compatible with iOS 11 and continues to be compatible with iOS 10 as well.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop files between apps when using split view on your iPad. Tap and hold a file’s thumbnail, then drag and drop it onto your Explain Everything project. You can also tap and hold an object in Explain Everything and move it to the other app open in split view. If you want to disable this behavior and use gestures only within our app, tap on the Hand Tool and turn off “Drag and drop” from there.

New Gestures

Use new gestures in Explain Everything while the Hand Tool is selected to make your workflow even faster. Tap on an object once to edit it. Tap and hold to open the Inspector. Double tap to straighten object. Use triple tap to group and ungroup overlapping objects.


New Navigation

We have adjusted the navigation bar and placed it in the top of the screen. Use this new navigation bar in the record screen to access your Profile, Rename, Quick Save, Collaborate on, Share, and Close projects more easily. Hide and reveal the bar when creating a project to annotate the entire space of the screen.

Additional Improvements

  • Now you can set the inserted browser to load the desktop version of the website. Go to Settings and within the Editing tab enable the “Websites in desktop mode” option.
  • Toggle drag and drop, and touch and hold gestures in the Hand Tool options.
  • New visibility icons for Cloud Projects.
  • Integration with Files app.

Additional Improvements For Subscription

  • See a list of all the users who viewed your project uploaded to the Discover portal.