September 14th, 2016 by Jakub Mastalerz

Explain Everything version 1.62 is now available

explain everything 1.62 update

Explain Everything version 1.62 is now available in the App Store for both iPad and iPhone. This update of the iOS version for our interactive & collaborative whiteboard includes: A new interactive tutorial, a ‘delete recording’ button in the Slide Sorter, new Inspector features, and full iOS 10 compatibility.

Interactive Tour

With the newest release you can experience Explain Everything in a completely new way. We have included a special interactive project that will help new Explain Everything users get right into it. Take a tour through the most essential tools and features, and get to know the basics in a couple minutes with our colorful, guided tutorial. NOTE: If you have already created some projects in Explain Everything you can access the Interactive Tour from the Info menu in the top right hand corner of the Home Screen.

Removing Recordings

Remove recordings in your project in just two taps. There is a new button in the Slide Sorter which removes recordings from selected slides or from the whole project, so it’s much easier to get rid of the unwanted content to remake the project. You still can use the Timeline’s Track Editing menu if you’re used to it, but the new Remove Recordings button makes it much more convenient.

New Features in the Inspector

You can now remove objects selected with the Inspector by tapping the bin icon in its top right hand corner. As for selecting, while the Inspector is active you can swipe on the stage to select multiple objects at once (they don’t have to be grouped together). We have also added the Deselect All button for projects that are packed with objects, so that you don’t accidentally select something while wanting to deselect.

iOS 10 Compatibility

We made sure Explain Everything runs smoothly and is fully compatible with iOS 10 so you can safely update your OS. Big thanks to all iOS 10 beta users who sent us feedback and reported errors.

Other minor improvements

Now there is an option to disable parental gate for all sources whenever it appears.

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