September 1st, 2017 by Jakub Mastalerz

Explain Everything Update for Chromebooks and Android Devices

Explain Everything for Chromebooks and Android Devices updated

Explain Everything for Android and Chromebooks has been updated to version 3.1.3 and is now available on both Google Play and Chrome Web Store.

Direct Google Drive Integration

Integration with Google Drive now works as seamlessly as possible. You’re now able to create, open, and edit projects directly in your Google Drive folder and they will be available for you wherever you are. Simply enter the Google Drive folder in the Local Projects and create a project in it. It will be automatically saved and synchronized with your account on all devices.

Project Editing Menu

Now you can Merge, Rename, and Duplicate projects with an easy to use menu. Simply tap and hold on a project or tap Edit in the Home Screen and the menu will appear.

Timeline Editing – Delete and Compact

Remove a part of the Timeline and join remaining parts together. Tap and hold on the Timeline to open the menu and start the selection.

App Configuration Panel

Now you can set up and centrally manage Explain Everything for all accounts in your organization. We have added an App Configurator to Explain Everything Discover where you can set the following:

  • Default color set
  • Default font style and size
  • Available import/export destinations
  • Parental gate

Look for more options coming soon!