July 1st, 2016 by Sean

Explain Everything and Khan Academy Talent Search

Khan Academy Partner

Khan Academy is looking for their next video star and Explain Everything is here to help people take part in this opportunity!

Khan Academy is searching for amazing explainers whose videos help students succeed in school and find joy in learning. Enter and you can win $3,000 and be considered for a longer-term video creation contract with Khan Academy.

This is a special invitation for you to participate in its annual Talent Search competition—create a new project (or use existing material) in the content area of one their specified subjects and submit a link to the video before August 1st.

The top ten finalists will receive cash prizes—$3,000 for the grand prize winner and $300 each for nine finalists. All finalists will be considered for longer-term video creation contracts with Khan Academy.

Send in your video, or forward this to a friend who should share their talents with the world! Submit your video at www.khanacademy.org/talentsearch by August 1st.

Here’s our tutorial on how to export your project from Explain Everything and submit it to the contest.

Khan Academy and Explain Everything