January 26th, 2017 by Sean

Explain Everything Interactive iPad Whiteboard App Version 1.74 is Now Live!


Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard for iPad and iPhone version 1.74 is now live in the App Store.
The new version is chock-full of new features, enhancements, and updates. Here are the most important ones:

Video Broadcasting

Livestream your whiteboard app screen using Apple’s ReplayKit. Want to broadcast a live EE session on Periscope? This is the way!

Web browser Recording

Inserted browsers can now be recorded and we also added an option for high frequency capturing. Want to record hi-def video and other content from an embedded browser?
Now you can!

Create your Own Clipart and Insert Multiple at Once

Use the inspector to add any object on your canvas into the clipart library. You can also select multiples clipart images and insert them all at once!

Text Object Formatting

Change the font, color, and size for text characters within a single text object.

Check out the app store for the full release notes here

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