Explain Everything Basics


For iOS-only deployments with constraints

With iOS-only deployments

That may need to exclusively purchase it via Apple School Manager

With internet access challenges


Per device
Includes 50% VPP discount
Regular price: $39.99

Classic whiteboarding features without the cloud

Interactive whiteboard with all creative tools

Save and Share locally

Group Management

1 GB Explain Drive Storage per user

Collaboration with Voice Chat

Web Video Link Sharing

Fast Cloud Video Rendering

See the difference

Watch the video to learn about the differences between Explain Everything Basics and Explain Everything Whiteboard.

How you can access you Explain Everything creations.
Device-based only Personalized account
Platform Availability
Platforms you can use the version on.
For iOS devices only iOS, Android, Chromebooks,
and Web Browsers
Number of projects you can create.
Unlimited (local only) Unlimited
Project Slides
Number of slides you can add to a project.
Unlimited Unlimited
Length of the recordings you can share as videos or projects.
Unlimited Unlimited
Whiteboarding Tools
Creative tools available for project creation.
Media and Document Import
Ability to import various type of media to your projects.
Standard Clipart
Library of ready-to-use images.
Share as files in various formats
Export your Explain Everything creations as video, PDF document, image, or .explain files.
Basic Cloud Integrations
Integrations with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube.
On-device video rendering
Cannot be done in background and locks the device while processing. 1 minute of the recording takes around 1 min to render, depending on the complexity of the video.
Fast, in-cloud video rendering
The rendering process happens in the cloud and doesn't lock your device.
Video hosting and playback
Share, store, watch, and download videos made in Explain Everything.
User and license management
Ability to manage users and licenses in your group in the Admin Panel.
SSO Integrations
Single sign on with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Clever.
Licensing with Clever
Control and manage your Explain Everything group licenses directly through Clever.
MDM Deployment
Send and set up app licenses by using an MDM solution.
iOS only iOS only
Group App Customization via MDM
Configure Explain Everything on user devices via MDM deployment.
iOS only iOS only
Group App Customization via Admin Panel
Configures Explain Everything on user devices via Admin Panel available on the web.
Explain Drive Cloud Storage
Cloud storage for projects and videos made by people in your group.
Pooled storage – 1 GB per user
Real-time collaboration with Voice Chat
Host, join, and participate in collaborative, online projects with voice chat communication.
Cloud security
Your data is safely encrypted and stored in data centers fulfilling SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 standards.
Priority Support
Your support requests will have priority over other messages.
Shared Folders
Share whole folders with your school for easy and quick access to most important Explain Everything projects.
On-Demand Advanced Reporting
On-demand advanced reports with analytics and usage data.
On-Demand Private Cloud
Optional setting that allows only your team to access projects and videos created within the organization.
On-demand Custom Clipart Library
Customize clipart library with images and logos that you use every day for all accounts in your team.
On-demand Custom Templates
Provide instant access to all custom templates for all accounts in your team.
On-demand Custom Integrations
Integrations with services of your choice for existing large-scale Team accounts.
For exisiting large-scale accounts