June 19th, 2015 by Reshan Richards

Explain Everything 3.0 – Important July Product Launch News

New announcement version 3.0

This July, we will release Explain Everything 3.0 for iOS as a free upgrade for all existing users. For new purchases, the App Store price will increase from $2.99 to $3.99 USD, and the Volume Purchase Program discounted price will go from $1.49 to $1.99. The reason for this increase is directly connected to the long-term sustainability of our company and our ability to keep making and supporting useful products and enhancements. Even with the recent investment in our company, this modest price increase is necessary in order to fulfill the responsibility we believe we have not only for continuing to build EE but also for supporting and enabling the success for our growing community of more than 2-million users worldwide.

Our current plan is for this release to be pushed to the Apple Store on July 15th, with the expectation that it will be ready for sale a few days after that. Our intention is not to do a “sneak attack” on any individuals and schools who were planning to make a single or bulk purchase in July at the current price only to be surprised by an increased price. We are disclosing this information today so that anyone who wants to buy EE at $2.99 ($1.49 VPP) price has approximately 4 weeks to get the purchase done before the price increase and version upgrade are released in the store.

And now, here are four of the many exciting new elements to expect with version 3.0:

Updated User Interface


We’ve ‘flattened’ the user interface to give it a cleaner look. All of the buttons are in the same place and perform the same function(s), except for the export image and video buttons which have been combined into one.

Improved Export workflow


Now there is only one export button and it will take you to a format and destination selection screen. If you typically save movies to the camera roll, this will still just require two taps. The export screen will remember the format and root destination from the previously made export in EE.

Equation Editor


This is the first version of an equation editor object, something that has been highly requested by our users. It behaves in a similar manner to text objects with a few editing and animation constraints.

Simple UI Option


This is another highly requested feature that we have finally implemented. Users can choose in the app preferences to use a “Simple UI” which displays less buttons and options. This can be helpful for beginning users of any age.

We’re not done!

There will be additional new elements with Version 3.0, and within a few months many more new features and enhancements will continue to be introduced. Thanks for being an EE user!

Please note: the screens shown and features described are still in development and may be changed.