May 30th, 2016 by Aneta

Distinction for Explain Everything in the Initiator of Innovation 2016 competition

newsweek explain everything award

We are thrilled to announce that Explain Everything has received an honorable mention in the Initiator of Innovation’s 2016 competition in the category of SMEs! The competition was organised by the Polish weekly newspaper Newsweek Polska in cooperation with Skanska, BMW, PwC, the National Centre for Research and Development, and the Institute of Industrial Design.

“The Initiator of Innovation” strives to promote innovations in the Polish market. According to the organizer, the idea of the competition might sound broad, but the core idea is to not only create innovative solutions, technologies or products, but to implement them in the market, and then constantly improve and develop them in order to make that innovation unique.

Because Explain Everything received the commendation, we asked Bartosz Gonczarek and Piotr Śliwiński (two out of three co-creators) to give us the recipe for an innovative product.

Here is what they said:


Innovation is defined as ‘a new idea or method that is introduced into the way that something is done or made’. The definition fits us perfectly for two reasons – our ‘new idea’ for technology originated when we couldn’t find a piece of software that combined motion with narration, so we created it. And the ‘new method’ that the definition is referring to can be linked to Reshan Richard’s exploration of teaching methods that employ screen casting in classrooms.


The idea is what makes a product unique. If you do something in an unique way – and additionally it makes sense, then it can probably be made into a product. If you have the means to take an idea further and make it a reality (eg. being technologically savvy, assembling a team and recognizing what the product’s target group is) – then the chance of succeeding is much higher!

Undoubtedly, we are ecstatic that Explain Everything has been recognized for its innovative content and are excited to see its impact on the future of education and business.

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