October 10th, 2019 by Explain Everything Team

Dark Mode, Apple Sign-in, Clever integration, Eraser update, and more coming soon

Helping you to get your message across for us means to find ways to improve our visual communication platform. Today we’re happy to announce the upcoming changes that will make it easier to present, deploy, and use Explain Everything. You can expect them to be implemented in your app in the near future.

Apple platforms (iPad and iPhone)

With Explain Everything version 5.5, we’ll be releasing support for the recently introduced Dark Mode on iOS 13. We had the opportunity to test the Dark Mode with our friends at outlier.org. Check out how they made it work in their Calculus course video preview.

As a part of iOS 13 alignment,we’re introducing Apple Sign-in to make it possible to sign into Explain Everything with your Apple ID. Given our respect for privacy, we’re excited to provide this option to our users along with a much improved (and simplified!) registration process.

We’re also rolling out a new user management option. Starting on Explain Everything for iOS version 5.5, Clever single sign-on becomes available to all app users. Since more than half of the U.S. K-12 schools are using Clever, we’re excited to bring an opportunity to simplify app deployment and user management to district admins. 

Google platforms (Android and Chrome OS)

Explain Everything version 6.0 being available on Google Play introduces a powerful eraser that cuts through the drawings and graphical elements altogether. Use this new wipe out option even on multiple objects to remove content without regard to content hierarchy. Check out the article on our Help Center about all our Eraser modes.

Other news

Apart from the new features, we’re also making improvements under the hood, so you should notice a faster, better and more responsive experience on the web and in the apps. We strive to be a match for your best in teaching, presenting, brainstorming or learning by empowering you to… explain everything.