September 11th, 2018 by Sean

Create and Export a Mind Map

Create a mind map

Easily getting your ideas down and sharing them is good. Doing it in a fun and effective way is even better. Use the flexibility of Explain Everything to visualize your ideas and share them the way you want. Combine sketchnoting, shape objects, and text to create a visual representation of your thinking.

This week’s Tuesday Tip will show you how to create and export a mind map as a PDF.

What you’ll need

  • Explain Everything
  • A few minutes to create a crystal clear PDF of your ideas

Step 1

With a new Explain Everything object open, tap the Shape tool and select the rectangle. Then tap the color of your choice in the same menu. Now tap and drag your finger on the screen to create a shape object!

Create a shape

Step 2

Tap the Inspector and then tap your shape object. Under Edit in the Inspector menu, tap Duplicate. You’ve created an exact copy! Now tap Duplicate a few more times to make more copies. To change the color of your shapes, tap the Bucket fill tool, choose your color, and then tap your shape.  

Duplicate with Inspector

Pro Tips

  1. In the export menu, you can share it as an image as well, but a PDF is better quality
  2. Sketchnoting is a great tool to use while mind mapping

Step 3

First, tap the Zoom tool and zoom out to give yourself a bit more space to work.  Tap the Draw tool to begin adding some annotations and sketches to your mind map. Use the Hand tool to drag your shape objects into place and then add text or Draw on them to form your mind map!

Completed mind map

Tap Insert and add images, clipart, or files to enhance your already beautiful mind map.

Step 4

Now to make the PDF. Tap Share at the top of your screen and then Export and finally Document.  A menu will open then you can choose your export location. Now you have a PDF of your mind map!

Export explain everything project as pdf

This is a simple way of sharing a high quality PDF file of your projects and creating a visually interesting mind map.

Happy Explaining!

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