June 22nd, 2016 by Sean

Collaborating During a Spanish Lesson

Classroom collaboration example

David Monzó, a Spanish secondary school teacher, used Explain Everything to review vocabulary related to clothing and colors with his students. All of the students were working on iPads during a collaborative session with EE. One by one they described a character that each group would then create. For example, a student described a girl who had a big head, pink hair, wears yellow blouse and pale jeans, and loved Harry Potter. Each student created an individual picture using our collaborative whiteboard.

“It was interesting to observe which tools students used while drawing. They immediately began using the Draw Fill feature right after being introduced to it. I decided to make every student work on a different slide to check if they knew their colors and clothing vocabulary. It’s very convenient that during a collaborative session, it’s possible to work together within one slide, but also work individually on different slides. As a teacher I was able to gather all of my individual students’ work within one project!”

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