August 29th, 2017 by Sean

Changes After the Summer Update

Explain Everything summer updates

For many, the summer break is coming to an end :(. While you were enjoying your time off in the sun recharging for the coming year, we were hard at work adding incredible new features to the app! Here’s the rundown of everything to expect from the freshly updated Explain Everything.


  • Explain Everything – Classic Features for iOS has received its biggest update ever. There is an updated interface, new drawing style, and the ability download and remix community projects from Explain Everything Discover. Go ahead and update Explain Everything to check out all of the new features!


  • Explain Everything – Subscription Features has many fantastic new options including exporting a selected part of the Timeline as gif or video. You can also search your cloud sources to find files quickly and even search the web for images to use. Haven’t tried the subscription features yet? Download the free version of the app and enjoy access to the full set of features for 30 days!


  • Real-time Collaboration is here for iOS! Get everyone on the same canvas to explore a challenging question, conduct research, brainstorm, or solve problems. Help your students understand each other better in a shared, creative space. Don’t forget that Chrome users can join as a viewer!


  • Get inspired by Explain Everything Discover. Register and check out the projects made by people from all over the world. The best part? You can download their creations, edit and remix their projects.


  • Become an Explain Everything Enthusiast. Participate in a community of inspiring people that share your enthusiasm for creating with Explain Everything. Join the Explain Everything Enthusiast program so we can showcase your work, provide you with unique content and experiences, and help you to inspire others!


Have questions? Visit our brand new help center. Want to see a demo? Schedule a call! Curious about the Discover Portal, Payments and Billing? Check out our new website or simply contact us!