March 8th, 2021 by Marianna Chade

💐 Celebrating International Women’s Day with Explain Everything

March 8 – a date everybody knows and (hopefully!) celebrates! 

For this year’s Women’s Day, one of the amazing women in our team, Sonia, has prepared a special series of female characters that you can save as clipart in the Custom Clipart Library and use however you like! Of course, they were all fully created in Explain Everything! 🎨

Our wish to you (and to us all 😊) is that we remember that every day is a great day to celebrate our diversity, togetherness and strength, and never forget that we deserve to take a break when we need one! 🌞

You can download this project and use it however you want!

Get this project

Add an object to your Clipart Library (iOS, Android)

How do you do that?

After you download this project (here or directly form the Home Screen in your app) follow the instructions:

  1. Select the Inspector Tool.
  2. Select the character you like.
  3. Go to the Edit tab in the Inspector Tool’s menu window.
  4. Select Add as clipart.

Easy, right? Now, make things faster with Clipart!

Download as an image in the Explain Everything web version

If you’re using the Explain Everything web version, you can simply download all of the characters as images and then use them in any project or however you like!

  1. Download the project (here).
  2. Start a new project with the downloaded file.
  3. Select the Inspector Tool.
  4. Select the Download as image icon.

Now, simply insert the chosen figure by following these instructions.

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