Visual Presentation and Student Engagement

Duquesne University


Interactive Presentations

Duquesne University is one of the nation’s top Catholic universities, providing a well-rounded education that will challenge you academically while nourishing your spiritual and ethical development. Founded 140 years ago by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Duquesne University is the only Spiritan institution of higher education in the United States.

My name is Marsha McFalls, I am an assistant professor of pharmacy practice at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy. At Duquesne, I am the Director of Educational Technology, Director of Distance Education and Online Learning, and the Director of the Weekend Pathway. I won a university Creative Teaching Award for integrating problem-based learning using technology into the classroom.


" I wanted to interact with my students during traditional lecture presentations, rather than just presenting content. Clicking through individual bullet points was frustrating for both the students and myself." - Marsha McFalls


Student Engagement

Getting all your students focused and engaged during classes is a huge challenge nowadays. Attention span is decreasing, so we have to come up with new activity ideas and solutions to make the learning process easy and fast to adapt to. I wanted to increase the engagement level among students to help them grow.


Sharing experiences

Students love that I am “going through the presentation with them”, compared to making verbal comments based on a slide. The Explain Everything Whiteboard allows me to freely draw diagrams on the screen to explain difficult concepts. It resembles a 1:1 session with a student in my office! Plus with the built-in web browser, it allows me to have everything in one area versus switching between windows when I need to reference other applications.

Why Explain Everything?

Explain Everything has changed the way I present information, not only in my classroom on campus, but also in teaching online. I started using Explain Everything years ago when it first came out. I also tried other similar products, but just kept coming back to Explain Everything as it had almost everything that I needed. The technical support has been amazing; very responsive and detailed in the answers. Explain Everything has also taken suggestions on improving the product that I submitted and even made some of those changes! I look forward to continued enhancements in the product.

" Explain Everything is a game changer in terms of visual thinking" - Marsha McFalls

Explain Everything for Education

Increase engagement among students with the interactive whiteboard.

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