October 12th, 2017 by Josh Doyle

How Visual Storytelling Tools Can Help Your Business Communicate

Visual Storytelling Tools

Facts bore – stories entertain.

The best storytellers have been saying this for years.  These days businesses are also putting the idea to use in their content to breathe life into their presentations and communications strategies.

Here are a few ways Explain Everything helps make visual storytelling easy and impactful for any business.


Why Are Memes So Popular? – Combining Mediums to Tell Better Stories

A few years ago memes were an internet oddity that we all thought would pass. Now even Time magazine recognizes their storytelling allure. Since they’ve taken over Instagram and Twitter, it’s best we learn from this tool instead of ignore it.

Visual Storytelling Meme

A meme’s magic relies on a very simple trick: combining two mediums to create a more complete story. With a meme, it’s text and image. With Explain Everything, you can combine anything you like. Text, image, video, live websites, charts, graphs, and even audio recordings can all be brought into the canvas and combined with your other tools, helping you create the right context and clarity you need to deliver powerful messages in a simple way.


All Your Tools in One Place

Sometimes you don’t want to combine. Sometimes what a story needs is a sequence so good you think you’re watching Game of Thrones.

One crucial step after another, you reach the big pay off.


Make a flow chart in Explain Everything


Explain Everything’s infinite canvas makes this not only possible, but easy and intuitive. What do we mean by infinite canvas? Imagine a piece of paper that never ends – no matter how much you scroll or zoom, it just keeps going.

What does this mean for storytellers and presenters?

It means you can have everything you need on one page so you don’t need to change slides or switch windows/programs/apps.

Need a live internet browser? Import one into Explain Everything and leave it just off screen for when you’re ready. Time to deliver your graph or chart? Just roll over to where you stored it. Ready to show that clincher of a video? It’s waiting on stage right, but only you know it’s there.

The best storytelling makes use of visual aids, tools, and most importantly – good timing. Having all your tools ready in one place can help you hit on key moments in a way that entertains, and delivers your content with the punch audiences crave.


Draw, Write, and Annotate on Whatever You Want

A lot of presentations get described like this:

      A. Rigid, predictable, boring.

You’d probably be a lot happier with these:

      B. Spontaneous, interactive, dynamic.

How do you go from A to B? One way is by adding a live element to your visual storytelling. The drawing tools in Explain Everything give you the freedom to draw, color, outline, and highlight in real-time – emphasizing your point and responding to live questions.

Explain Everything GIFSAnd you can use the drawing tools over everything – pause an athlete and highlight their form with your marker. Color all over your graphs to clarify trends. You can even draw on live web browsers, or highlight and circle a social media feed.


Visual Storytelling Made Easy

On average, videos are now shared up to 7 times more than articles, and images aren’t far behind. But that doesn’t mean image and video have somehow overthrown the written word. The key to great storytelling is being able to use every tool in its place, to combine strategically, to transfer seamlessly, and to time things just right.

While practice does make perfect, current tools and software like Explain Everything can help you manage your storytelling, and create an impactful story that leaves a lasting impression.