July 5th, 2018 by Sean

Enhance Visual Communication Using Whiteboard Platforms

whiteboard visual communication

Visual thinking and learning are said to be innate as humans have been visually communicating since cave paintings. Countless studies show how understanding and retention greatly improves by combining images and words. In education and business communication, this has happened on dusty chalkboards since the 1800s, crowded cork boards since the 1920s, and wipeable whiteboards since the 1960s. Although they were bulky, had limited space, and were used more as one-way communication vehicles, these products were great tools at the time of their introductions to visually grab the attention of larger audiences simultaneously.

The Power of the Pen

pen power

The value of whiteboards in classrooms and offices has hung around through the years. They have been instrumental in instructional tutorials and brainstorming sessions as audiences participate in watching problems be explained and ideas come to life. Writing by hand is also said to increase understanding and retention, as well as enhance creativity and critical thinking as it engages the brain more through special cognitive processing.

Being able to let thoughts flow freely from the mind to the board provides the flexibility that is needed to produce meaningful outcomes. When trying to truly engage with audiences, you have to be ready to adapt to how the conversation unfolds. This is where slide decks have fallen short and why they have been losing their popularity in business presentations. They too are notorious for being one-way performances. The presenter often lets text-heavy slides do the talking and relies heavily on the prepared script, making for a static session. Even with slide decks incorporating images, videos, and animation to make them more visually-appealing, attractive slides alone still do not produce two-way interaction.

Whiteboards have evolved in some fun and entertaining ways. Entire walls can be turned into drawing boards with dry erase wall paint, providing bigger spaces to doodle on. And although some still consist of expensive, bulky equipment, interactive versions have combined the convenience of the whiteboard with the functionality of a computer. Now, whiteboard apps are available and have overcome portability, budget, and sharing limitations, allowing businesses to take advantage of the power of the pen and draw in audiences of all sizes no matter where they are located.

Turn Ideas Into Understanding

drawing in explain Everything

Explain Everything’s interactive whiteboard is the ideal platform for creating and sharing powerful, visual stories. Starting with a blank, infinite canvas or importing existing slides and media, intuitive tools allow you to write, annotate, and add emphasis to anything on the screen. Interactive capabilities enable all participants to add their own illustrative points and be an integral part of the conversation. You can also capture, edit, and share all or part of the session for continuous learning. This is especially helpful for people who were not at the live meeting or who need to see how an idea was developed.

Explain Everything is the picture-perfect catalyst for the two-way visual communication that is so important in today’s world. From describing complex concepts to connecting salespeople with prospects to onboarding new employees, you can collaborate, share, and learn without boundaries.

Empower your teams to become visual communicators and start turning ideas into understanding.