December 21st, 2022 by Angélique Toque

Templates for teachers, holiday edition

free templates for teachers

Templates for teachers, sounds familiar? You’ve probably looked for ready-made templates that could help you save time when preparing teaching materials lots of times. It’s always good to have something extra for your students to help engage them in different classroom activities. Having a collection of your own, fully editable templates can be a great support, not least by speeding up your teaching prep.

Today we’re sharing some festive templates that you can incorporate into your pre-holiday lessons as additional exercises and activities. 

Templates for teachers 🚀

The Explain Everything whiteboard provides users with a wide range of templates dedicated to K-12 and higher education teachers. They are available for free, and you can use them without having an active subscription. To use them:

  1. Download Explain Everything on your device. It’s available on iOS, Android, and as a Mac app and standalone Web App, too. 
  2. Create your free account!
  3. Then open the whiteboard, start a new project, then choose “Templates”. Browse through the whole gallery and choose what suits you best. 
free templates for teachers

How to make your templates printable? 🖨

Explain Everything templates for teachers are fully editable and printable. How do you make that happen? Simply open the template gallery, choose one and save it on your device as a PNG or PDF. Then open the file and print it right after downloading. If you are using the web version of Explain Everything, you can download the template to your desktop too. It’s super fast!

printable templates for teachers

Free templates for teachers. Get them all! 🎅🏼

Christmas wishlist template

christmast wishlist template

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Use this template for a classic holiday activity. Have your students make a list of gifts they would like to get for this special season. Their creativity is the limit!

Christmas tree template

christmas tree templates

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Make your own digital holiday tree! Use decorations, and make it just the way you like it. You can easily export this template and send it as a Christmas card, too! 

Christmas card template 

christmast card template
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It’s never been easier to make your own personal Christmas card. Download the template, write down your Christmas wishes, or even record a voiceover to make things more personal. Then, easily save it as a Web link, or simply download it as a .png or video. 

Christmas letter template

christmas letter template

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Write your Christmas letter with this template! Your students can practice their handwriting while sharing their most secret dreams with Santa, in hopes he helps make them come true! 

Symmetry Drawing templates for teachers

symmetry drawing template

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Practicing symmetry? We’ve got a template for that! This activity will help your students increase their observation skills and recognize patterns, both of which improve math and reading skills. 

Create your own equation template

equation template

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Allowing your students to write their own equation helps them learn how to solve them, too. Use the missing bauble template and create math assignments that look beautiful, too!

Tangram puzzle template

tangram puzzle template
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There is no better activity to create an interactive experience than solving a Tangram! Use this template to challenge your kids by building a Christmas train using geometrical puzzles. 

Templates for teachers with a single click

Templates and pre-prepared teaching materials can truly be a lifesaver for a teacher. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to foster an engaging and interactive classroom atmosphere. Explain Everything templates will help you save valuable time and bring back a breath of creativity and fun into the classroom whenever you need. Get started for free, and work on any platform!