October 23rd, 2023 by Angélique Toque

Online collaboration tools? Try 1:1 collaborative sessions

online collaboration

Online collaboration tools are solutions that help teams and organizations work simultaneously on a project, no matter the distance. These powerful tools bring together people from all time zones and allow teams working on a task together to stay on the same page. But today, let’s dive deeper into 1:1 collaborative sessions for teachers and students. 

Benefits of online collaboration tools

There are numerous benefits of using online collaboration for educational purposes. There are three that are closest to our hearts here at Explain Everything.

Increased Productivity

With tools and technologies that support online collaboration, teams and individuals can work more efficiently. They can access documents and resources from any location, streamline communication, and work together on projects in real-time. All of this inevitably leads to improved productivity.

Enhanced Communication

Online collaboration platforms offer various communication channels, including chat, video conferencing, and document sharing. These tools help ensure that team members stay connected, fostering better relationships and understanding among team members.

Learning Opportunities

More often than not, collaboration leads to knowledge sharing and tons of learning opportunities. Team members who learn from each other work and stay up to date with each other better!

1:1 collaborative sessions – perfect for educators and tutors 

Collaboration can be a powerful extension of your classroom, providing you the opportunity to give engaging 1:1 lessons or tutoring sessions. No matter where you are in the world, you can start a collaborative session in seconds and walk your student through the teaching materials nice and easy. 

Explain Everything provides an infinite canvas where you can put all your content and collaborate with your students in real time. And thanks to the voice chat functionality, you do everything from within the project, without having to open up a Zoom room. Simply unmute your mic, and start discussing the lesson with others. 

Online collaboration, how to get started?

See how easy it is to get startedcreate a free account, and then go through the step-by-step guide below at your own pace. 

  1. Open a whiteboard. 
  2. Change the background of your whiteboard canvas. Choose from dots, lines, or a graph background depending on your teaching needs. 
  3. Prepare the materials that you want to use during the session – scans, documents or PDFs. 
  4. Create a collaborative workspace by inviting a student to your whiteboard project. Simply tap the “Invite” icon, enter an email and send the invitation. You can share a project using a Web link too (containing a unique CODE that automatically opens your collaborative project) – this way is even faster! 
  5. Start collaborating and explaining concepts the way you want, instantly. Explain Everything Whiteboard also serves as a voice chat so you can talk with session participants like you would on any conferencing software. There is no need to use five teaching apps at the same time, after all!

    🙌🏼 Quick reminder: To participate in a collaborative session, your student does not need an active Explain Everything subscription. You just have to give them access using a link or CODE.

    The Explain Everything Pro Plan allows you to collaborate with up to 8 people. Learn more about current plans

Online collaboration activities 

There are plenty of online collaboration activities that can help engage your students – and any audience, really. The most important aspect of such activities is really just active participation. Discover different teaching scenarios for your 1:1 collaborative sessions to make them that much more effective. 

Collaboration activities for getting started:

  • Enhance your collaborative project by recording the entire session for student recap purposes. This way, they can easily rewatch the session if they need to instead of searching for materials on the internet.
  • Draw, write and highlight content simultaneously. Easily explain concepts and ideas utilizing the powerful combination of voice chat and visual content. 
  • Import documents, teaching materials and PDFs directly into Explain Everything. Digitize your learning materials and work on them using your Apple Pencil or any other digital pen. 
  • Use online collaboration to give personalized feedback. Feedback and comments provided this way are sure to be important for student progress. 
  • Are you a big fan of sticky notes? You can digitize those, too. Use online sticky notes in collaborative sessions for efficient note taking! Plan, organize and solve problems with your students more efficiently than ever. 

Teachers help teachers

Online collaboration helps teachers both create and share content with other teachers. Use an online whiteboard to prepare learning materials without having to reinvent the wheel every other week. Each teacher is sure to bring their own unique insights and experiences to a project, enriching the content and ensuring it caters to an even broader range of student needs and learning styles. Sharing is caring! Get started today and digitize your physical content, turning it into relevant, engaging interactive materials. Magic!

Why companies use online collaborative productivity software

Online collaborative software helps companies, schools and institutions streamline their workflows, promote teamwork, and adapt to the changing teaching landscape. It’s an essential component of modern teaching and learning. If you are interested in exploring online collaboration in your classroom or during remote tutoring sessions, sign up for free and get started right away!