November 26th, 2020 by Marianna Chade

Live video lesson – a sneak peek into a real hybrid class #WEBINAR

Villa Wewersbuch

Next week we are inviting yet another amazing guest from the world of education. This time we’re excited to show you an example of the power of live recording in the hybrid learning scenario. The demonstration will give you a chance to see a real hybrid class use of video lessons.

This time we will be happy to host a webinar with an Apple Distinguished Educator and Math and P.E. teacher at Villa Wewesbusch private school in Germany – Felix Kolewe. He’ll be showing us his ways of teaching in 2020 together with Bart Gonczarek, the co-founder of Explain Everything and university lecturer.

Read the Success Story of Villa Wewersbusch – one of the most modern and digitally developed schools in Germany.

Join us to learn:

  • How to adapt to the new world of teaching and exchange your standard chalkboard for a digital whiteboard.
  • Benefits of using the recordable whiteboard live while teaching a hybrid class.
  • How you can simply reuse recorded materials for students who are learning from home.
  • A real world example of teaching in the remote learning scenario.

Watch the webinar!

How do you deliver lessons in a remote or hybrid class?

Do you also teach remotely, or in any other non-standard scenario? Do you know any brilliant ideas for these hard times that could come in handy to all students and educators? Share your experience or suggest who we should be inviting for the next webinar!

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Live video lesson – a sneak peek into a real hybrid class #WEBINAR
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