June 22nd, 2017 by Sean

Why Our Update to Explain Everything is Different This Time

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A letter from our CEO- Bartosz Gonczarek

It’s common to describe product updates using grandiose words like ‘revolutionary’ or ‘game changing’. Although we tend not to join that choir, our latest release is indeed a revolution. And it is so for several good reasons.

Explain Everything Classic enjoyed positive reviews from the moment it was introduced in 2011. It is the tool of choice for tablet-equipped scholars and professionals. It opens new possibilities to explain one’s thinking – by adopting it as a presentation tool or video-snippet or tutorial creation app. Excited with what Explain Everything Classic did for our community of over 5 Million,  we decided to give it more than just a facelift. Here are three reasons why I call this update our ‘tiny revolution’:

Made Anew!

The app proved itself worthy of further evolution, but we never anticipated its success when we originally built it. This constrained us when we wanted to introduce new user-requested features such as real-time collaboration or cloud sharing. To allow for new features, we had to rewrite our code. The update we’re bringing to Explain Everything Classic is delivering some stunning possibilities thanks to the fact that we made it better from the ground-up!

Product Lifetime Extended Indefinitely

What’s really exciting is that we found a way to extend the lifecycle of your original Explain Everything app (if you own it). Even if you bought it for $2,99 back in 2012 for your original iPad (using iOS 3.1.3), the app will still continue to update and function on the soon-to-arrive iOS 11 with your new hardware. There are a limited number of app creators that pay so much attention to early adopters – and I’m proud we’re one of them.

Product+Service in One Package

The third good reason to call this update a revolution is related to the mix of product and service that we deliver. All previous versions of Explain Everything Classic were products: once installed, all your creation and underlying computing were performed on your device. No cloud data processing was needed, so the product originally was sold as a single-purchase. But this limited us in what we were able to offer. The ability to convert your projects to video in the cloud or join collaborative online sessions with others require cloud processing, which always comes with a cost. We understand that not everyone would appreciate those features, so we never wanted to force anyone, happy with our original app, toward subscription. So we worked hard to find a way to blend the best of both worlds! Your updated EE Classic will open the door for you to use subscription-based features by unlocking them. All existing features you paid for originally are not affected.

For the above reasons we have decided to cease calling Explain Everything Classic a ‘classic’ version. It’s back to its original name and will continue to be sold on the iOS platform as a single purchase for $9.99. Subscription features come on top of it and if you’d like to put them to the test – you can sign up for a 30 day trial using a separate app – our free  ‘Explain Everything Subscription’ product. We hope to satisfy all your creation needs with some stunning new features that you can read about after the upgrade. Happy Explaining!

Welcome to Explain Everything v. 4.0
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