August 8th, 2022 by Angélique Toque

Online whiteboard for an individual teacher. Which plan is for me?

online whiteboard for a teacher

Online whiteboard for teaching can truly be a teacher’s best friend. They provide both students and teachers a whole new engaging and interactive experience.

Depending whether you are a teacher, educator, or business professional, you may use a digital whiteboard in different scenarios. Here, we’ve decided to dive deeper into the individual teacher plans. That way we can focus on all the whiteboarding possibilities and show you real-life examples from our top users!

Explain Everything Whiteboard is free forever with limited tools. But if you want to discover all of the unlimited possibilities of an online whiteboard, read on. Especially if you still don’t know which Explain Everything Plan will suit your needs for the upcoming Back to School season. We can help!

Digital whiteboard for in-class lessons: The Solo Teacher Plan 🚀

The digital world of edtech lets you utilize some truly powerful tools to meet your school goals. If you are a teacher with limited group needs, The Solo Teacher Plan would be a perfect fit. This plan allows you to focus on providing instruction and creating learning materials to explain lesson topics and concepts.

Need an example? Meet Ioannis, a solo teacher who organizes his entire teaching workflow using Explain Everything Whiteboard. The Solo Teacher lets you make full use of the creative toolset that a digital whiteboard provides – without the need to buy student licenses.

The Solo Teacher Plan to get started, only $34.99 per year

If you prepare lots of your own teaching materials and presentations like Ioannis does, the Solo Teacher Plan is the perfect place to get started. With its unlimited whiteboard projects, slides, and video recordings, this plan makes creating engaging and fun lessons easy!

Do you want to share your presentation during your classes? No problem! You can do that with just a few taps when using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet. Or simply by connecting to your TV or a projector, as Ioannis does.

Collaboration options on this plan are limited, but you can still work collaboratively 1:1 with a student for up to 15 minutes if needed. 

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Engage your whole class! The Class Plan 🚀 (You + 100 students)

If you are already an Explainer, The Class Plan is the next step to leveling up your teaching experience! This plan is for use by both a teacher and their students (up to 100). It is ideal for in-class group work, online and hybrid teaching, and all in all creating even more engaging and interactive learning experiences.

This plan comes with 100 Student licenses. Once distributed, they allow students to create and co-create their own content and easily connect with their Teacher, all in a secure environment. You can link your projects with existing Learning Management Systems like Moodle, Jamf, Canvas and more, too! Collaboration works only within your group of students, with no time limits.

The Class plan is $129.99 per year.

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Collaborative online whiteboard for teaching: The Pro Plan 🚀

An online whiteboard is a game changer for both in-person and online teaching. Online whiteboards let you better engage students through personalized activities and tasks. They also let you easily collaborate with your students 1:1 or create group projects with up to 8 participants, with no time limits. The Pro Plan allows you to collaborate with anyone, anytime.

Such activities make your classes way more interactive, and turn your audience into proactive participants. They learn from each other and their own experience – it’s constructivist magic!

If you want to enhance your teaching with interactive presentations or real-time collaborative work on PDFs with a student, this plan is for you. Check out this example of Spanish teacher David Monzo who uses Explain Everything Pro for language tutoring!

The Pro Plan – perfect for time-unlimited collaboration, $89 per year 

The Explain Everything Pro Plan provides you with access to all whiteboarding tools and media. This includes unlimited projects, slides, and recording, but focuses more on an extended unlimited collaborative experience! It’s a great solution for tutors and educators who want to connect with their students anytime. Your audience doesn’t need Explain Everything account, they will connect to your collaborative project anyway. That’s the main difference between The Pro and The Class Plan. Hosting collaborative meetings and group classroom activities is the perfect way to win students’ attention and help them develop teamwork skills, too. How cool is that?

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Online whiteboard for teachers – get Back to School ready!  🎉

If you are actively looking for apps, tools or software to enhance your teaching for the upcoming Back to School Season, a digital whiteboard is a good starting point! Explain Everything Whiteboard has helped over 20 million teachers and students across the globe since 2010. Become one of them by creating a free account now and provide an engaging and interesting classroom environment for your students.