August 30th, 2021 by Marianna Chade

Google Classroom button for faster lesson sharing

whiteboard with Google Classroom

The Google Classroom “LMS” is one of the most popular and easy-to-use ones out there. If your school has been using it, you probably know it pretty well already. But did you know you can take advantage of it within Explain Everything? And we have just made it easier!

The Explain Everything product team is determined to integrate our digital whiteboard fully with all of the most popular LMSes. One of the very earliest deliverables on this field is a special Share with Classroom button that you can already use with your Google Classroom system.

A Whiteboard with a Google Classroom integration

As a whiteboard that is specifically designed for teachers, Explain Everything has cared about integrating with a variety of LMSes since the beginning. If, somehow, you missed this blog post about using it with Google Classroom, take a look

So, how does this Google Classroom integration work and what’s changed?

Currently, you can share any of your Explain Everything creations to Google Classroom. This integration with our digital whiteboard couldn’t be simpler. It’s based on 3 main scenarios:

  1. Sharing a Web Video Link.
  2. Sharing a cloud project to collaborate with others.
  3. Sharing a project or another file created with Explain Everything.

What’s changed? We have now added a special Google Classroom button for faster sharing and it doesn’t require a Google Classroom app!

With the new Share with Classroom button, you are able to instantly send an Explain Everything collaborative project or a Web Video Link to your students via Google Classroom and on any Explain Everything platform without the need to install the Google Classroom application.

Follow this complex instruction video to start using Explain Everything with Google Classroom:

Create a whiteboard video lesson and share it to Google Classroom in no time

Whenever you create a video lesson in Explain Everything you can share it with others by creating a Web Video Link. If you’re wondering how you can show it to your students via Google Classroom, wonder no more!

NEW&FAST: With the new Share with Classroom button you can do it in seconds without leaving Explain Everything platform at all. Follow these instructions to learn how!

This is where you’ll find the new Google Clasroom button in Explain Everything:

STANDARD: In these video instructions, you can find out how it worked up until now (and still does) on the example of an iOS device and when sharing it from one app (Explain Everything) to another one (Google Classroom).

Share a collaborative whiteboard to Google Classroom with the new button

If you want to invite your students to an interactive lesson or a presentation you created with Explain Everything, you can do it via Google Classroom, too!

NEW&FAST: you can use the new Share with Classroom button placed on every cloud project for extra fast sharing! Learn how to do it in this Help Center article.

This is where you can find the Google Classroom button to share a Web Video Link with your students:

STANDARD: Take a look how you can share a cloud project to Google Classroom the old way on the example of an iOS device that requires the Google Classroom app installed in this video instruction.

Share any Explain Everything creations to Google Classroom

This is where nothing’s changed but you can still use the app-to-app integration!

Would you like to share photos, files or projects that you have created on the canvas with your students? However you choose to export your Explain Everything creations, you can also simply send them directly to your Google Classroom.

Learn how to share a project with Google Classroom on the example of an iOS device here:

And find out how to share a video, document or image to Google Classroom on any Explain Everything platform, too. 

Did you know? The full, advanced integration with Canvas (including cool stuff like live whiteboarding sessions in Canvas LMSes Courses) and Schoology LMS are just around the corner. Care to try? Contact us!

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