October 18th, 2021 by Marianna Chade

The Explain Everything Whiteboard and Canvas LMS expanded integration

Canvas in Explain Everything whiteboard

The day has come! Explain Everything Whiteboard is now perfectly integrated with one of the most popular and reliable Learning Management Systems – Canvas. This means you can create whiteboard assignments and live sessions without even having to open the whiteboard app.

💡 Note

This expanded integration is possible only with the Explain Everything Whiteboard as opposed to the Explain Everything Basics version that does not contain any cloud features. 👉🏽 Find out more details about differences between these two products. 👈🏽

An online whiteboard and an LMS – create whiteboard courses and live sessions

Most schools and universities are already familiar with and likely using a Learning Management System that proves to be exceedingly useful when it comes to the online or hybrid classroom. This basic educational technology tool helps teachers and students to collect data, store materials, shape courses, manage them and communicate with each other. In a time when digital skills are becoming more and more important, implementing and using an LMS at school can help students acquire skills that will continue to be useful to them in their professional lives.

Thanks to the full integration between a Canvas LMS and the Explain Everything Whiteboard, you can:

💡 Note

Before you can start using the LMS and whiteboard together, you need to 👉🏽 add Explain Everything to Canvas. Learn how. 👈🏽

Watch the complete video instruction on the Canvas and Explain Everything integration 👇🏽

Create and receive whiteboard assignments in Canvas

If your institution has been using Canvas LMS, you can now use the Explain Everything Whiteboard to assign tasks within the system.

Canvas LMS assignments with Explain Everything

You can create assignments with the Explain Everything Whiteboard without having to leave Canvas LMS. Tasks you assign can consist of:

This is how you can create Explain Everything assignments in Canvas LMS:

In both cases, the student will give you a note about their progress or completion of the activity.

💡 Note

The Canvas and Explain Everything Whiteboard expanded integration can be fully used if both teacher and student have Explain Everything Whiteboard licenses. If you’d like to request a demo or a free trial, 👉🏽 please contact us. 👈🏽

Example: Scenario of assigning a task for a student to complete, from both perspectives

  1. Teacher creates an assignment and send it to a student or a whole group:

2. Student receives the assignment:

3. Teacher gets back and grades the assignment:

💡 Find detailed instructions on how to manage:

🎨 project assignments.
📽️ video assignments.

Create a live whiteboard session in Canvas

A collaborative online whiteboard is the perfect space to discuss any topic and explain everything visually. Meet your students 1-on-1 or in a small group to:

  • review extra material,
  • practise,
  • verify student knowledge,
  • explore a student’s perspective,
  • present interactively,
  • work on a problem together.

This is how you can create a live whiteboard session in Canvas:

Embed your whiteboard videos in Canvas 

Whenever you create a Web Video Link in Explain Everything Whiteboard, it can be also conveniently implemented in a wide variety of Canvas LMS Course areas, including:

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Pages
  • Quizzes

If you want your students to be able to watch your Explain Everything video conveniently as a part of a course, follow these instructions.

💡 Note

You can only embed video lessons in these Course areas that support Rich Content Editor.

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