October 23rd, 2019 by Explain Everything Team

Selling through Visuals with Matt Guido

Matt Guido

Meet Matt Guido, VP Strategic Account Sales at Corporate Visions. Matt collaborates with companies to develop, deploy and deliver customer conversations that win. Matt sells with whiteboards, using Explain Everything to engage and complement conversations taking place at a distance. 

A whiteboard is a powerful communication tool that can make precision movements. Matt works with visuals in a professional capacity, turning simple drawings into compelling stories to effectively communicate his points. The use of a whiteboard at a distance opens up an opportunity for the other party to actively engage and immerse themselves in the story as it unfolds during the conversation.

The picture as a part of a story

See how Matt speaks of his way to leverage Explain Everything in his work.

Using a whiteboard in sales meetings

When meeting in person, Matt uses the Explain Everything Whiteboard on a large tablet device as a substitute for a piece of paper or flipchart. When meeting remotely, Matt shares his whiteboard screen as a graphical overlay supporting the video call. He can even allow others to engage with the presentation directly by opening the workspace of his whiteboard’s canvas. 

Matt’s whiteboard presentation tips

  • Practice your story – Salespeople need to practice delivering with a whiteboard until they can do it naturally while demonstrating complete command of the content. Use whiteboard recording to capture and playback your own pitch so you may learn what to improve. 
  • Have different sections ready and stored in your clipboard, so depending on time restrictions, you can still put them in. Matt is fully equipped with his pre-baked assets when presenting. Similarly, You may prepare elements of your pitch early and have them ready to deploy as needed. 
  • Know where you want to finish and Share the ending notes with your comments for better recall after the meeting ends. An animated video of your whiteboard can be used as a follow-up tool to document findings and give prospects something to share inside their organization.

Step-by-step whiteboard presentation guide

Download a zoom-able step-by-step explanation of Matt’s tips in practice. Use Explain Everything to discover details.

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About Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is a marketing messaging, content, and sales skills training company using decision-making science to help global B2B companies master the four most critical value conversations. At Corporate Vision a whiteboard is used as a tool to communicate ideas. See their blog to learn why and how you should be whiteboarding.