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Start the new school year off with a bang! Learn about and master the most popular Explain Everything classroom scenarios with these guides and updates.

Present with a mobile whiteboard

Lead your class with a flexible interactive tool. Add documents, images, video, audio and more to your lesson plans to engage all styles of learning.

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Record and share your video lessons

Whether a live video or animation, Explain Everything has you covered for all your Explainer Video needs.

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Provide visual feedback for better classroom assessment

Define strategies, set goals, provide feedback, and see how learning happens in Explain Everything.

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“When we review our lesson on the screen through Explain Everything it makes the students feel important, powerful, and confident. It’s an amazing tool that keeps all my lessons together.”

Explain Everything gives a teacher the tools to transform her educational model

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What's new in Explain Everything

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iOS – Insert Recording and IWB file support

Whether you’re making whiteboard videos or have just kissed teaching with a static smart board goodbye, this update is here to make it all easier.

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The 11 Best Edtech Bloggers to Follow for Back to School

Find cutting-edge materials and places where you can learn how to create more engaging and creative classes.

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Free Year of Explain Everything Collaborate for ADEs

We’re excited to provide all members of the ADE community with a free year of the Explain Everything Whiteboard.

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