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Explain Everything Flame Challenge

Create a Flame Challenge Entry with Explain Everything!

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The Flame Challenge is an annual international competition that asks scientists to answer a technical question put forth by the world’s toughest judges – 11-year olds. Each year hundreds of scientists submit their entries attempting to explain a difficult technical subject to the young judges in an engaging and comprehensible way. The winner will receive […]

presidential elections in the USA, explain everything

The Presidential Elections in the USA, Explained with Explain Everything

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United States presidential election. The presidential elections in the USA take place every four years. There are two main political parties in the United States: the Republicans and the Democrats. Each party must choose its candidate for the presidential elections…and from that point the whole complicated elections process starts. We could write a long essay, […]

may recap explain everything

May Recap about Explain Everything

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Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything™ with news from May. Visit us on Facebook, Google+, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram if you are looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways! Karen Greenleaf from Google for Education revealed that touch-optimized Android apps will also run on touchscreen Chromebooks and described Explain […]