Explain Everything™ for Windows – FAQ

Windows XP and Windows 7 unfortunately do not allow adequate cooperation between a touch screen interface and our application. Microsoft no longer supports the Windows XP operating system after April, 2014.

The iPad version of Explain Everything has been in constant development for over 4 years, and the Android and Windows versions are much younger. Some of the features are not available yet in Android and Windows but we are continuing to work on making all three platforms have equal features.

When two objects overlap, triple-tap an overlapping region to group them together. Do the same gesture with already grouped objects to ungroup them. To group non-overlapping objects, open the Inspector, tap the desired objects, and select the appropriate Group or Ungroup option.

In order to highlight text, adjust the pen thickness in the Draw Tool pop-out and change the color opacity to around 20-30% in the color picker.

You can use any photo (from your Photo Gallery, 3rd party service, or a new photo), and set it as the background image. First, insert a picture using the “Insert Object” and then select the Inspector. Tap on the desired image and choose “Set as background”.

Tap on the Slide Sorter. Select “Template” if you want to change the template background for all the slides. If you want to change the template for a particular slide, press and hold the slide’s thumbnail and tap “Template” again.

Tap on the Slide Sorter. Press and hold a slide’s thumbnail to reveal the relevant menu. Tap the “X” icon to delete the slide. The “2X” button will duplicate it.

For an inserted video to play in your project, you have to press play on the video object while Explain Everything is recording. Insert your video file, press Record on the bottom bar of Explain Everything, and tap the video object once to reveal the Play button (if it is not already visible) and then tap that Play button.

Tap, hold and drag down to select a project. An option to delete selected project will appear in the bottom right corner.

To redo the recording on a particular slide, press the Rewind button to go to the beginning of the recording and then press the Record button. The new recording will overwrite any existing recording.

While a drawing is active, you can erase portions of it using the Eraser Tool. A drawing changes from being active to being a completed drawing object as soon as a tool other than the Draw Tool or Eraser Tool is selected. A completed drawing object can be moved, resized, and rotated, but you cannot erase portions of it. You can delete the entire drawing object using the delete tool, or you can set the Draw Tool color to match the background of the drawing for a ‘white-out’ effect.

Explain Everything for Windows does not currently support PPT or PPTx files. In order to open your presentation in Explain Everything, please first convert it to PDF.

The echo occurs when the sound of a video played within Explain Everything is captured by the build-in microphone during recording. This generally happens when playing a video within the app and simultaneously recording.

To avoid this issue, you might try to use headphones. By using headphones you prevent the build-in microphone from picking up any playback audio. You could also turn your tablet volume all the way down if you don’t need to hear the audio from an inserted video object.

At the moment, Explain Everything fully supports Adonit Jot Script, Adonit Jot Touch, Pogo Connect, Cregle iPen and Cregle iPen 2. These use Bluetooth connectivity and are supposed to be more precise than regular, passive styluses (which more or less serve as a ‘finger replacements’). Additionally, the active styluses support palm rejection so you don’t have to worry about leaving unwanted marks or performing unwanted actions with your palm while writing.

There is no recording size limit in Explain Everything. The only suggestion that we have (for best results) is to keep the length of an individual slide below 20 minutes. It also depends on the memory of the device.

If you are interested in buying multiple copies of Explain Everything, please contact sales@explaineverything.com in order to buy a bulk or site license at a discount of the individual price.

Open the Discover tab in Explain Everything. Find the project you would like to access. Open the project and tap on the Get button in the upper right corner. Choose either to download the project or to add it to My Discover. Once the project is downloaded it is a fully-editable project file.

You can share your project by sharing a link to it from the browser or by providing others with a CODE. When viewing a project using a web browser, tap “Show more” and copy the CODE. When viewing a project on Discover from within the app, tap on the Export button and choose a destination where to save project’s CODE. You can share it directly by email, Facebook and more!

In order to check which version of Explain Everything is installed on your device, tap on the Explain EverythingTM name in the upper left of the Home Screen. It is important that all participants have the same version of the app for successful collaboration.

My Discover is a space where all your projects uploaded to Explain Everything Discover can be found. You can also save (bookmark) projects made by other users which you wish to access.

A Premium Account is a single licence, while an EDU Group Account consists of 30 licences. You can find more details and pricing here.

The app can be downloaded and distributed for free like any other free app in your institution via the regular app store (iOS, Google Play, Windows) and any MDM solution that supports the distribution of free applications. Once launched, a 30-day trial of premium features (that is editing tools) will automatically begin. To continue using the premium editing, recording, and exporting features of the application after the trial, an Explain Everything Subscription must be purchased. Without a subscription, the app will continue to play back local projects, join collaborative sessions as a participant, and to browse Explain Everything Discover. A license can be deployed to constituents within an organization from an admin console or using distributed join CODE(s).

Explain Everything Classic is available only for people who purchased it before January 2016. Bug fixes and maintenance will continue for the time being. If you bought the old version of the app you can still download it from the Windows Store – My Library. Explain Everything will be listed in your purchased apps.

In order to install Explain Everything for Windows without use of the Windows Store please contact support@explaineverything.com and we will provide you with the latest version of the app. Then follow the steps below.

  1. Download and unzip the file
  2. Enable developer mode on the Windows10 device (Settings – Update & security – For developers)
  3. Run Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 script to install the packages (Right click –> Run with… –> Power Shell)

NOTE: To install Explain Everything without Windows Store, Windows 10 OS is required