Explain Everything™ for iOS – FAQ

How can I group and ungroup objects?

When two objects overlap, triple-tap an overlapping region to group them together. Do the same gesture with already grouped objects to ungroup them. To group or ungroup non-overlapping objects, select the Inspector Tool, tap the desired objects, and select respectively the Group or Ungroup option.


Are there more background options in Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard?

Yes! You can choose from multiple colors and patterns for your project. Tap on the + button on the Home Screen and choose From Template. Press the + button again to create a Template. Swipe your finger between Basic Color Palette or tap on the Palette icon in the bottom right corner to go to the Extended Color Palette.

If you still need more options, use the Custom Color Palette to find the background color you need. You can use the options in the bottom left corner to choose between Patterns (texture, dots, grid lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines). Tap Done once you’re ready to start working on your project.

You can change the background color anytime by selecting the Palette symbol from the slide sorter after you tap on project’s thumbnail for which you want to change the color.


How can I set a custom background for a slide?

You can use any photo (from your Photo Gallery, 3rd party service, or a new photo), and set it as the background image. First, insert a picture using Insert Object and then select the Inspector. Tap on the desired image and choose Set as background from the Edit tab.


How can I change the template background of an existing slide?

Tap on the Slide Sorter. If you want to change the background for all the slides at once, tap on the Palette icon on the top-left and select the desired new background template. If you want to change the template for some particular slides only, tap Edit (or press and hold a thumbnail of a slide), then select the slides you want to change the template for.


How can I delete or duplicate a slide?

Tap on the Slide Sorter. Press and hold the thumbnail of a slide which you want to delete or duplicate or tap Edit and select the slides. Tap the Bin icon in the top left corner to delete those slides or the 2X button to duplicate them.


When I record and playback content from an inserted web browser, some elements don’t display. Can I change that?

If you see that there are some problems on specific websites, please use the Quicksnap button in the upper right corner, which looks like a camera button, to capture the moment you want to be shown during playback.

Explain Everything’s website capture is based on webpage screenshots that are afterwards scrolled and displayed in a sequence. This process will not work with rich media content such as embedded videos (on YouTube, for example). This is for both technical and copyright-related reasons.


I inserted a video file into my project, but it doesn’t play back after exporting.

For an inserted video to play in your project, you have to press play on the video object while Explain Everything is recording. Insert your video file, press Record on the bottom bar of Explain Everything, and tap the video object once to reveal the Play button (if it is not already visible) and then tap it.

Please note, currently it is not possible to play videos while having a collaborative session. The video object will convert to a still image during the collaborative session and then turn back into a video object once the collaboration session has ended.


How can I merge two Explain Everything projects into one?

It is possible to merge two projects on the Explain Everything Home Screen. Press and hold one of the projects (or tap Edit and select the files) which you wish to merge and drag it on top of the second one. A pop-up window will appear with merging options.


How can I create folders in Explain Everything to organize my projects?

In order to do this, please go to the Home Screen of Explain Everything, press and hold one of the projects (or tap Edit and select the files) and select the Move to folder icon from the menu on top. You can also move it onto another one that you’d like to put it in a folder with. A pop-up window with an option to create a new folder including both projects will appear. This function is very similar to creating folders of apps on your iOS device.


How can I delete a project I no longer need?

Press any project thumbnail on the Explain Everything Home Screen and hold it for 2-3 seconds or tap Edit and select the projects. A new menu would appear with a bin icon which when tapped will delete the selected projects.


How can I remove individual objects from an existing recording using the Timeline?

While making a recording, every object you add is reflected on the Timeline. To remove an individual object, tap the Timer to reveal the Timeline, press & hold on the desired object and a popup will appear with an option to Delete the selected object reference.

To delete larger, entire sections of a recording, open the Timeline and scroll left or right to position the Playhead (red marker) at the desired start point of the section you want to remove. Then, press & hold the marker and choose the Start selection from the popup menu. Scroll the Timeline again to set the endpoint of the section you wish to remove. A popup will appear with a set of deleting options.


Why can’t I erase drawings?

While a drawing is active, you can erase portions of it using the Eraser. A drawing changes from being active to being a completed drawing object as soon as a tool other than the Draw Tool, Highlighter or Eraser is selected. A completed drawing object can be moved, resized, and rotated, but you cannot erase portions of it. You can delete the entire drawing object using the Delete Tool, or you can set the Draw Tool color to match the background of the drawing for a ‘white-out’ effect.


What is the difference between the “Overwrite” and “Mix” recording modes?

The Overwrite mode deletes all the recorded content on unlocked tracks when the point of time the Playhead (red marker) is positioned. The Mix mode allows you to layer objects and animations on top of existing recording.


Where can I find Mix recording mode?

In order to switch from Overwrite to Mix recording mode, tap and hold the record button and select the desired option.


Can I create HD videos on my Ipad?

It is possible to create HD videos using Explain Everything. To export with a 16:9 aspect ratio, change the Landscape ratio in SettingsGeneralLandscape project ratio. Switch on the Display on-screen guides feature to see which area of your project will be visible after the export.


I would like to start using a high-precision stylus. Any recommendations?

At the moment, Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard fully supports Apple Pencil and Wacom Styluses. These use Bluetooth connectivity and are supposed to be more precise than regular, passive styluses (which more or less serve as a ‘finger replacements’). Additionally, the active styluses support palm rejection so you don’t have to worry about leaving unwanted marks or performing unwanted actions with your palm while writing.


YouTube problem: when exporting my movie I cannot log in.

Try logging in with your YouTube channel name (not your Google account email address). You can find your YouTube channel name when you log into YouTube account on a laptop or desktop and look in the upper right corner. If you haven’t previously designated a channel name, you might have to now as Google has changed how their integrations work.


Can I import Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations created in Google Drive?

Yes, but not directly. There are two ways that we often suggest to user:

Insert a web-browser, visit http://drive.google.com and open the document you wish to annotate.

Download the Google Drive App and log in. Tap the three dots that appears on a document thumbnail to get more information on the sidebar, and then choose “Send a copy” – “Open In.” Select Explain Everything from the app choices and the Google Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation will be converted to a PDF and imported to Explain Everything.

Explain Everything currently cannot import a Google Document, Spreadsheet, or Presentation directly from our integrated sources picker. It can only directly import MS Office, PDF, iWork, images, and video files that are stored in a Google Drive account.


Explain Everything doesn’t import my PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote presentations correctly.

Explain Everything uses a document viewer provided by Apple and used in most of the apps. There are some cases when it does not interpret a document correctly and display some limitations. Mathematical equations, transition effects & animations, and some fonts will not be imported.

In some cases there may be some problems with a PPT/PPTX/Keynote files being incorrectly divided on slides or when various objects from other apps are embedded inside them. In general, if a PPT/PPTX/Keynote presentation does not import correctly, please convert it to a PDF file, and then import the PDF to Explain Everything.

On a Mac, you can print almost any file as a PDF by going to File -> Print. Almost all other operating systems have PDF creator tools which you can easily search for.


The app doesn’t record sound. What should I do now?

First of all, make sure that the app has already requested access to the microphone in your iPad. Go to your iPad’s Settings and click on Privacy. Choose Microphone and check whether Explain Everything is enabled on the list.
Secondly, check whether audio export is active in Explain Everything. Go to the Home Screen, open Settings – Export and check that “Include audio” is selected.

Finally, please verify whether the Side Switch on the upper right side of the device, above the volume buttons, is ON (make sure you don’t see the red dot there)!


There is an echo of a video/audio file I have recorded in my presentation.

The echo occurs when the sound of a video played within Explain Everything is captured by the iPad microphone during recording. This generally happens when playing a video within the app and simultaneously recording.
To avoid this issue, you might try 3 approaches:

  1. Use headphones. By using headphones you prevent the iPad microphone from picking up any playback audio. You could also turn your iPad volume all the way down if you don’t need to hear the audio from an inserted video object.
  2. In Explain Everything’s Settings, go to the Record tab and enable the Mute microphone while playing imported video option. It means that while an inserted video is playing back, the iPad will not record anything from the microphone.
  3. You can also enable the Microphone Mute button in the Record tab to manually control when the iPad microphone is muted.


How can I display Explain Everything on a TV or through a projector?

There are 2 popular ways of showing Explain Everything on a bigger screen:

  1. Using the appropriate cables, connect your iPad to a TV or projector to mirror your screen. If using a VGA adapter, you will need a separate cable for connecting the audio.
  2. Use Apple’s AirPlay with an Apple TV. Follow the steps presented in our video tutorial: https://discover.explaineverything.com/discover/presentation/presentation?id=6742


How can I access the Presenter mode when connected to an external screen?

Go to the General Tab in the Preferences (Gear icon under your profile page) and look for the External screen mode settings. You want to Mirror your screen and display the Toolbar and the Controlbar or use a 2nd screen mode where toolbars will not be visible.


Is there a size or time limit for Explain Everything recordings?

There is no recording size limit in Explain Everything. The only suggestion that we have (for best results) is to keep the length of an individual slide below 20 minutes.


I am running low on storage space. What do you recommend as the best way to store my projects?

You can export your projects to online storage services or back them up using iTunes. To export your project via iTunes, connect a cable from your iPad to a Mac (or PC) and let iTunes open automatically. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Select your device from the menu on the top.
  2. Select the App tab from the left panel.
  3. Scroll down to see the File Sharing section.
  4. Select Explain Everything on the list.
  5. On the right side of the Apps, the list of all your Explain Everything projects will appear.
  6. Select project which you want to save to Mac (or PC) and click on the Save to… button, which is on the bottom of the list.
  7. Choose the location to save the file.


Can I install Explain Everything on my Mac?

At the moment, Explain Everything is available for iPads only, but we are considering making it available for Mac OS X in the future.


I need a non-English version of Explain Everything. Where can I find it?

To change the language version of Explain Everything, change the language settings of your device. Open your iPad Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> iPad Language and choose the language you would like to start using. The list of available language versions you can find in the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/explain-everything-collaborative/id1020339980


How can I log in to a different cloud service account (Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube etc.) in Explain Everything?

Go to the Profile -> Settings -> Accounts tab on the Home Screen and move the login slider of the desired account to OFF and then back ON again. You can then log in with a different account. Please note, that if you have a native app for a cloud service (e.g., Google Drive) on your iPad, you may have to log out of your account on that native app as well.


Evernote login: My iPad says bad login when I try to import a file.

Go to the Home Screen of Explain Everything and in the Profile -> Settings, click on the Accounts tab. Toggle the Evernote login switch OFF and then ON again. You will be asked to re-enter your Evernote credentials and file imports should work after that. You can also try using your full email address to log in instead of your username.


How do I set up a collaborative session?

In order to start a collaborative session, open or create a new project and tap on the Explain Everything Lightbulb icon in the bottom left corner. Enter the name of your session (optional) and establish any desired permissions for other participants of your session (also optional). Tap on the Start button in the upper right corner.

Once the session is started, other participants will be able to join the session in a few ways:

  • Through Explain Everything lightbulb icon in the Record Screen: once a participant taps on it, he/she will be displayed all the projects available to join;
  • Through Explain Everything Collaboration tab (lightbulb icon on the Home Screen): Projects that are being broadcast and available to join will be displayed as thumbnails. Tap a thumbnail to join. Broadcasting only works on a local network.
  • Using an invitation CODE provided by the host from the Collaboration Panel. This can be entered anywhere there is a CODE entry field (Home Screen, Collaboration view, Collaboration pop-up, and so on.


Is it possible to make the collaborative session visible to selected people only?

Yes! When starting a collaborative session, you can disable session broadcast on a local network. When disabled, an invite CODE is the only way for others to join the session.


How can I download a project from the Explain Everything Discover portal?

Open the Discover tab in Explain Everything. Find the project you would like to access. Open the project and tap on the Get button in the upper right corner. Choose either to Download the project or to Add it to My Discover. Once the project is downloaded it is a fully-editable project file.


How can I share my project with others?

You can share your project by sharing a link to it from the browser or by providing others with a CODE. When viewing a project using a web browser, tap Show more and copy the CODE.

When viewing a project on Discover from within the app, tap on the Export button and choose a destination where to save project’s CODE. You can share it directly by email, Facebook and more!


Can I see how many people have joined a collaborative session?

Yes! As a host you will see a number next to Explain Everything lightbulb icon in the bottom left corner on the Record Screen. Once you tap on it, you will see the list of people who have joined the session.


Can I prevent other people from editing during a collaborative session?

While you’re initiating a collaborative session, you can set the permissions for participants. Use the toggles to set permissions for all users or use the buttons for individual permission. Once your session is active, you can still establish permissions and decide who can edit or view only by tapping on the light bulb icon in the corner.


Can people work on different slides while having collaborative session?

Yes! During a collaborative session, participants can work on different views or areas of the same slide and also on different slides.


How can I bring all participants to the same view as a host?

The host can bring all participants to the same view by using the second (lower) zoom mode if participants are working within the same slide. If participants are working on different slides, the host can bring them all back to the same view by starting a recording or by turning off participants editing options in the collaboration pop-up menu.


How can I check which version of Explain Everything I have on my device?

In order to check which version of Explain Everything is installed on your device, tap on the Explain Everything™ name in the upper left of the Home Screen. It is important that all participants have the same version of the app for successful collaboration.


What is the difference between the original standalone version (Interactive Whiteboard) and the new version (Collaborative Whiteboard) of the app?

Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard continues to be available for iOS devices at the price of $5.99 (as of April 2nd, 2016). Purchase of the iOS Interactive Whiteboard of the app continues to be a one-time purchase of a single unit of the application and is not transferable to other platforms. The whiteboard application on Android, Chromebook, and Windows is now a part of the Explain Everything Subscription package where a single license can be assigned, used on, and revoked across multiple platforms.


Can I use my login and password across platforms?

Yes! With an Explain Everything Subscription, you can use your credentials using Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard on iOS, Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard on Android, Chrome and Windows with no extra purchase needed.


What is My Discover?

My Discover is a space where all your projects uploaded to Explain Everything Discover can be found. You can also save (bookmark) projects made by other users which you wish to access.


What is the difference between a Premium Account and an EDU Group Account?

A Premium Account is a single licence, while an EDU Group Account consists of 30 licences. You can find more details and pricing here.


What happens when my free trial is over and I don’t buy a subscription?

Without a subscription, the app will continue to be accessible for play back of local projects, joining of collaborative sessions as a view-only participant, and browsing Explain Everything Discover. However, editing tools won’t be accessible so you won’t be able to create any new or edit any existing projects.


How do you deploy the app?

The app can be downloaded and distributed for free like any other free app in your institution via the regular app store (iOS, Google Play, Windows) and any MDM solution that supports the distribution of free applications. Once launched, a 30-day trial of premium features (that is editing tools) will automatically begin. To continue using the premium editing, recording, and exporting features of the application after the trial, an Explain Everything Subscription must be purchased. Without a subscription, the app will continue to play back local projects, join collaborative sessions as a participant, and to browse Explain Everything Discover. A license can be deployed to constituents within an organization from an admin console or using distributed join CODE(s). Here’s a detailed instruction about using MDM solutions with Explain Everything in a form of Google Document.


Why do I have two different Zoom options as a host of a collaborative session?

The first Zoom mode allows the host and participants of a collaborative session to work in different views of the same slide. The red frame indicates the recorded area of a slide. The second Zoom mode allows the host to control the participants’ screen views. The host can bring all participants to a desired area of a slide.