Stick Around Tutorials

If you’re wondering how Stick Around works, seek advice on how to use it to its full potential or find out more about the ideas behind Stick Around check the tutorials by it’s co-creator Tony Vincent. Link to these materials is also available right from the app so if you get it, they’re all at your fingers any time you want.

Playing a Puzzle

Here Tony explains how to start playing a puzzle, what unique features you can find during the play-session and how you can use them to complete it.

Creating a Puzzle from a Template

This is the most general presentation on how to create a puzzle. It shows each step on how to do it from templates that comes with Stick Around.

Designing a Background

his tutorial shows the capabilities of Stick Around’s drawing and Background editing tools. It explains how to: use template backgrounds, use your own pictures, edit, move, annotate and arrange them using only Stick Around features.

Adding Stickers

Here Tony explains next step in creating the puzzle: the Stickers. He shows how you can use all three types of stickers: text, image and drawing, how to effective use information button, to which you can add recording, web links or descriptions. Also see how easy it is to edit them.

Making an Answer Key

The tutorial shows types of tools for creating an Answer Key: round, rectangular and drawn. It also explains how to assign stickers or remove them and what are the options that let you hide or show them as regions or icons.

Entering Project Info

Here you can see how to use options under Project Info tab that let you describe the puzzle you’ve made. It covers naming a project, adding audio explanation, writing puzzle description, adding an Explain Everything presentation and putting your name on the project. Stick Around also lets you provide web links to players, adding Topic tags, setting Common Core standards and choosing grade levels for which puzzle is appropriate. If you want to challenge your puzzle players you can also set up an optional timer.