March 6th, 2017 by Jakub Mastalerz

Produce Your Best Work from Anywhere with Explain Everything

Produce Your Best Work from Anywhere with Explain Everything

Whether you’re flying to Paris or taking a train upstate, travel is a part of business. And according to research by TripAdvisor, business travel can be one of the more enjoyable parts of a job.

Today’s travelers see business trips as a time to network, be productive, and hopefully do some exploring. Striking a balance can be tough, but it helps when you’ve got the tools to let you do great work on the go.

Here are a few places where Explain Everything (EE) can empower you while you travel, so you can work to your full potential no matter where you are.

Explain Everything in the lounge

1. Own the Airport Lounge

The best part of any airport is the lounge – that well-furnished oasis in the middle of the chaos. A report from Virgin Atlantic found that over 50% of business travelers arrive at the airport early so they can get some work done and enjoy the comforts.

The key is to get the most out of working time, so you can maximize relaxation time. Tools like EE help with that balance.

Import that marketing report into EE and give colleagues feedback while you sip on a lounge drink. Record your voice, so you can review everything hands free. Or use the drawing tools to highlight as you talk, giving your team a crystal clear video they’ll understand the first time.

That means less messaging back and forth, and more time for you to enjoy the lounge… and the free WiFi.

2. Refine Pitches on the Move

There are two options for anyone who shows up early for a sales pitch:

  1. Pace nervously outside the building
  2. Use the time to make your sales presentation even better

With EE you can turn your rental car, taxi, or quiet spot on the train into a pre-screening room for your pitch. Record yourself going over the slides in EE, and then play it back to review how it sounds. Since EE records your voice as well as what happens on screen, you can see the whole thing just as your customer will.

Make final tweaks to your script, or dial back on talk-time, giving your customer more chances to share their thoughts. Experts say the two biggest mistakes in any pitch are being under-prepared and doing too much talking. With EE, you can avoid both.

3. Where’s the Meeting? Wherever You Want

Location, location, location.

Do people still say that? Maybe in real estate, but in the business world they’re replacing it with another word:


Businesses have learned you can get quality work done from anywhere. All you need are the right tools to stay connected.

EE brings you as close to actually being at the office as you can get, without actually being there. It’s like a mobile office.

Use EE’s live collaborative sessions to interact with your team from anywhere. Tune into strategy meetings from your Manhattan hotel room, sharing your screen, voice, and ideas in real-time with the team in LA.

Or if you’re in Tokyo and matching schedules isn’t possible, catch the meeting when you’re ready by accessing the content in Box. Every second will be there waiting for you – after you’ve put on your robe and ordered a green tea.

Explain Everything - Let ideas fly with you

4. Let Your Ideas Fly with You

Long flights are more than just a place to catch up on movies: they’re an ideal place to brainstorm. That same study from Virgin Atlantic found 1 in 4 travelers get their best ideas in transit.

Don’t let your brightest ideas disappear in the jet stream. Pencils are great for taking notes, but how much better would it be if you could add voice recordings, annotated images, and any free-wheeling doodle you need – then send it off to Dropbox instantly?

Better. Actually, a lot better.

Explain Everything offers all the tools to lift your idea off the screen, so your team can see it from every angle, and help you bring it to life.

5. Last Minute is Now Your Friend

The picture in your customer’s lobby of them at the Grand Canyon tells you more than any data can.

As the Harvard Business Review reminds us, it’s connections that really drive sales. And knowing your customer is key to making those connections.

But how can you use last minute insights like this, when you’ve already made the presentation?

With EE, your presentation is as mobile as you are. It’s easy to use, and you can add or edit from anywhere. Snap a picture in the lobby with your phone and import it right into your slide. Or add important insights that your team shared only minutes before the meeting.

Within seconds they’ll be a part of the pitch, helping you make the emotional and relevant connections you need to close deals.

Produce Your Best from Everywhere

Connectivity is crucial to your success.

Today’s business traveler needs to be empowered while they’re away, able to react and collaborate from anywhere. Whether you’re on the go between places or settled into a hotel, Explain Everything will help you work like you’re in the office, so you can relax like you’re not.

Explain Everything Infographic Produce Your Best Work from Anywhere
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