PhotoPuppet Tutorials

PhotoPuppetHD comes with many great features that will make your creations come to life. It may be a little confusing at first if you want to create a longer animation so we thought that we can help you get an edge in doing so. Here are the most common scenarios for tools in PhotoPuppet and video explanations of how can you use them effectively. After viewing these tutorials you’ll know how to use 80-90% of PhotoPuppet HD functionality.

How to create an animation with PhotoPuppet HD

How to create puppets and record video? In this video, we will show you how easy it is!

Add rotating objects, wheels and such in PhotoPuppet HD

With PhotoPuppet you can make all sorts of animations! Watch this video tutorial and find out how to: add and set rotation objects, edit tracks in track view, set the autorotation speed, set speed, direction and point of rotation, add static objects with rotating elements

Cut-outs from photos, using heads with puppets, templates in PhotoPuppet HD

In this lesson we’re going to show you what you can do with the ready-made puppets and how to make a talking  man! The templates contain objects that you can use to create puppets. During this video we highlighted how: you can add pictures from Photo Gallery to cut puppets out of these pictures to use the “CUT TOOL”. to add frames to make  “frame-based” animation to edit layers to make “a talking man” to use “automatic mouth frame” button.

Camera movement and shot framing

In PhotoPuppet HD you can record your scenes using virtual camera. This technique allows you to add a dynamic viewpoint and present the scene exactly as you would by recording it with a real camera (using for ex. zoom). Watch this video if you want to find out how: to turn on framing with virtual camera you can adjust camera framing of the shot to record camera movement a shot can be played with or without framing

Cutting and controlling tracks

PhotoPuppet HD is equiped with  advanced timeline editing tools. This video will show you how to:cut and paste parts of a track split or delete parts of a track set single tracks, track timelines, etc…

The incredible PhotoPuppet Animation tutorial Part 2 is out!

Flaming Stylus has made another excellent video tutorial for PhotoPuppet. This time he covers in detail the more advanced features of PhotoPuppet and shows how to implement them. Thank you @flamingstylus – we’re totally blown away by your work. You really stretched PhotoPuppet HD to the max! See the video below.

Automatically moving limbs

You can make puppets with automatically moving limbs! This video will show you how to: use any pictures or drawings to make puppets in PhotoPuppet HD. use your own content as “puppets” add self-moving body parts set self-moving body parts.