September 9th, 2019 by Jakub Mastalerz

Open and Save Projects in Your Cloud and Send Projects as Schoolwork Activities

Explain Everything’s integration with cloud storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox are key to the workflow of many Explainers. Regardless of the scenario, being able to pull any type of media from your cloud and being able to send the project to a shared folder makes everything go faster. With the most recent version of Explain Everything for iOS, we’ve expanded this functionality so that you can really get things moving.

Open and Save Projects in Your Cloud – Seamlessly

Previously, opening projects from cloud sources required you to first import a project file and then export it back to the original destination. Depending on how you were using it, you might’ve also created an additional project copy in the Explain Everything’s Library.

Now, using the iOS Files app, you can open the project right from your cloud and edit the project in Explain Everything. After you save it, the project will automatically overwrite the one you’ve opened at its destination. Also, the link to the project on your cloud storage will remain in your Library, so you don’t have to jump back and forth between Explain Everything and Files.

Send and Receive Explain Everything Schoolwork Activities in Handouts

If you’re using Schoolwork, it’s now easier than ever to share projects with your students. Simply prepare a project in Explain Everything and then add it to your Classroom Handout as an Activity. This will enable your students to access the project and create their own copies. Once they complete the task, their copy of the project will be automatically sent back to you for review.

Open and save in cloud functionality is available in the most recent versions of Explain Everything for iOS.

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