November 9th, 2016 by Jakub Mastalerz

October Recap 2016

October Recap

Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything with news from October. Visit us on FacebookGoogle+, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram if you are looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways!

Teched Up Teacher recap

Explain Everything has been featured in the 14 Must-Have Tech Tools for Teachers list on The Bookmark by Check out the list here.

Reshan Richards, one of our co-founders, wrote an interesting article about how he began sketchnoting and the many great uses of the technique. Find the full text here.

Matt Dolmont, an educator and blogger, posted a great article about practicing creative storytelling with his students and Explain Everything. The full blog post is here.

Tony Vincent, who runs the website Learning In Hand, created an infographic that explores the many uses of the iPad in the classroom and included Explain Everything! See the infographic here.

youtube explain everything recap

David Hopple, an educator and band director, posted a great video showing Explain Everything used as a tool to give students feedback. See the full video here!

Explain Everything Discover Recap

Did you miss our awesome presentation about some of Nikola Tesla’s life? If so, check it out here!