The new “Audio Fade In” for external mics option in Explain Everything

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In a recent update of Explain Everything we introduced new option for audio recording –  Audio Fade In for external mics – giving the ability to remove unwanted “pops” appearing in recordings where external microphones are used.

With the version 2.50 we made possible to use external sound devices within Explain Everything – connected via Bluetooth or cable to your iPad. Some of the devices were causing a clicking noise (or “pops”) at the beginning of the recording. To counter that, we’ve added the ‘Audio Fade In for external mics’ option which mutes the very beginning of each audio recording so that any “pops” caused by some external microphones are edited out. We also added that functionality to the track editing menu so now you can fade-in selected audio clips in the timeline as well. Check the example below.

We recorded a presentation with external microphone and as you can see on the screenshot below there is a visible  big waveform at the beginning of the audio track which indicates the clicking noise.


With the new option – Audio Fade In for external mics – set to ON there is no clicking noise on the waveform and it fades in within one second.


If you recorded a presentation already and wish to enable the same effect for selected audio clip open the timeline, tap and hold the audio clip you wish to smooth out and tap “Fade in audio” option. The same effect will apply.

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