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One of the main principles for us in creating Explain Everything was making it as open as possible and not predefine or make up any specific cases of use for it. We based  on the research made by Reshan and he made clear that Explain Everything shouldn’t add boundaries for people using it, such as limiting them to specific theme, subject or even cloud services they use.

Because of that openness we sometimes get asked about measuring the effectiveness of integrating it into regular educational workflow. In a recent blogpost we showed you how midterm results changed in one of the South Korean schools where teachers started flipping the classroom. This is the teacher specific perspective but Explain Everything also allows students to explore the possibilities of representing their level of understanding via screencasting. Thanks to Clay Reisler that leads the iPaddiction blog we can share similar information but this time in a more in-depth, step-by-step way.

In a series of blog posts Clay Reisler described the process of integrating iPads with Explain Everything in the biology classes in Pulaski High.  Starting from Coaching Teachers and Teaching Students, through Exporting the Projects, and Lesson Reflections, ending at Students Reflection Survey he describes the process that both teachers and students went through to integrate the technology and what came out of it. That complimentary series of short articles shares a very valuable information for anyone that has questions regarding using Explain Everything by students. We encourage you to read the whole series as the final student survey speaks for itself.

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Feature Comparison
One Account gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Explain Everything Classic
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Auto-Fill, Freeform Shapes) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap