Green Screen Animations from EE to Final Cut Pro X

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While it is possible to do annotations and animations over recorded and live video within Explain Everything, some users might be interested in creating animation overlays to use the keying features in professional video editors like Final Cut Pro X. Here are some steps you can use to create a green-screen ready animation in Explain Everything.

  1. Save this file to your iPad camera roll
  2. Start a new blank project in Explain Everything
  3. Choose the Insert Object menu and choose an existing photo
  4. Choose the greenScreenBG.png file in your camera roll, click Done and then Done again
  5. Once the green rectangle is on the stage, make sure it is completely covering the stage. If it is not, you can stretch it to cover the whole visible space.
  6. Select the Inspector tool (i) and then press on the rectangle once.
  7. Choose ‘Set as Background’
  8. Save the Project as ‘Green Screen Template’ so you can make copies of this for future use (We have also made a downloadable template here Everything, save the movie to your camera roll (or other accessible service).


In Final Cut Pro X, you can import the Explain Everything clip as a layer on top of another video clip. Add the Keying effect to automatically remove the green background from the EE movie.


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