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February Press Digest

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Here is a recap of some interesting posts and articles about our apps along with Explain Everything news from February. Visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you’re looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways!


Is there a silver bullet app for education? Ben Hall points to Explain Everything in his recent blog post with a short explanation video about grid multiplication.


Reading Ryan Read’s story about changing his view of Explain Everything made us kind of nostalgic. It is a great reminder of how Explain Everything has evolved over the past few years the more it has been used in educational settings.


In-depth article about using Explain Everything in teaching music theory on Educate 1-To-1. Great tips, great examples, great insight. A must read.


The Langone Lab at NYU seems like a fun place, and they use Explain Everything. “During Lab we challenge our new students to step out of their expected roles as passive recipients of information and make them active learners and problem solvers.”


Speaking of engagement, here’s a post by Mrs Arty-Textiles about first impressions of Explain Everything and how videos and interactive media have drawn more attention from her students.


Mark Anderson created a couple of step-by-step video tutorials for Explain Everything. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for ways of improving your workflow or getting to know how to create one.


Smart tech use for equity – an insightful report from a teacher meeting in UC San Diego Faculty Club with a noteworthy Explain Everything twist.


A fresh glance at Explain Everything by Emma Denhoff. We enjoy positive reflections and this post has a lot of them.


Fast-paced racing through slides? Not for this Explain Everything driven classroom. Mary-Pat Stein shows how using Explain Everything has changed the way her classes work. And yes, we take your feedback very seriously :)

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