Explain Everything x Finalsite: Part 3 of 3 – Student Work

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Explain Everything Finalsite Student Work

Explain Everything x Finalsite: Part 3 of 3 – Student Work

Part 3 of a 3-part series looking at how the Finalsite and Explain Everything can be used together.
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This series of tutorial posts showcases ways that our whiteboard app Explain Everything can be used seamlessly with one of Finalsite’s terrific school apps, Finalsite Learn, to support instruction, feedback, creativity, and collaborative learning.

In this third tutorial, we show how a student can access a calendar assignment in Finalsite, complete the task in the Explain Everything interactive whiteboard, and submit the work back to Finalsite. This can be done in 4 easy steps.

      1. Access the project file via CODE (shared by teacher on page)
      2. Download a copy of the project to the device and complete the task
      3. Export the project to Explain Everything Discover and copy the link
      4. Paste the link in the Assignment calendar event and submit.

That’s it!

Watch the video to see how easily it can be done.

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Feature Comparison
One Account gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Explain Everything Classic
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Auto-Fill, Freeform Shapes) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap