Explain Everything updated to 2.64

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Explain Everything has been updated to version 2.64 and it’s available in the App Store. Although it’s a middle update it has some important changes in it: auto-grouping for Draw, Shape, and Text Tools, support for a new stylus, iMessage as export option, and object flipping. We also want to remind that Explain Everything is universal since version 2.60 which means it’s also available on iPhones.

To find out more check our Facebook and Twitter, where we inform you about upcoming changes, share great movies made by Explain Everything users, and talk about education. Here are changes from 2.64 update in detail:

Flipping objects: now objects can be flipped on their horizontal (up/down) or vertical (left/right) axis using the Inspector Tool. When grouped, objects will flip on the axis of the root object which is now marked with a red border.

Auto-grouping: now in the Draw Tool, the Shape Tool, and the Text Tool menus you can turn ON or OFF automatic grouping. Objects created with auto-group ON will “stick” to objects underneath them (e.g., annotations to documents).

Export to iMessage: iMessage export option has been added to export menus to allow instant sharing of explanations.


New Stylus: Explain Everything now supports Adonit Jot Touch styluses.


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Available for all major platforms


Feature Comparison
One Account gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Explain Everything Classic
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Auto-Fill, Freeform Shapes) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap