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Explain Everything for Windows 8

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We are happy to announce that the Windows 8.1 version of Explain Everything has just been released to the Windows Store! You can download it here ($2.99). This means that Explain Everything is now available on all main tablet platforms that are used in schools around the world.

We were highly influenced by teachers and students that have seen the app on iOS and Android and were asking about a Windows version. We treat user feedback seriously and this influences our design and development process. Many schools have chosen Windows tablets. All these factors were substantial in deciding to develop yet another version of our app.

This has been also an opportunity to design a different interface based on the Windows 8 look & feel. We cleared out the stage space a bit. We moved replay control buttons and the timer to the top right corner, and the slide sorter with the export buttons to a menu that reveals after you swipe the top edge of the screen. The toolbar is “lighter” and consists of animated buttons – this visually increases the space on the stage. We also changed the color palette to make it feel lighter and more transparent.

Draw and Annotate

The release has also broken other barriers – for the first time, Explain Everything can run on a desktop computer. With a touchscreen and Windows 8.1 you will be able to work on your projects with the computing power of your PC.

The initial version of Explain Everything for Windows 8.1 is similar feature-wise to the 1.0 iOS version. We included all the key functions that make the app distinctive and one of a kind among other screencasting apps.


If you want to get to know more about specific differences between the platforms, read the Explain Everything feature comparison post.

With the Windows 8 release we updated our website as well. We have now separate descriptions, links, press kits and video tutorials for each operating system.

If you want to share your experience with the new Windows 8 version of Explain Everything, use our website form at the contact us link. Should you have any issues or questions regarding Explain Everything in general, you can also contact our support.

Download Explain Everything

Available for all major platforms