Explain Everything for Android v 1.2 is available on Google Play

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Today we released the 1.2 update to the Android version of Explain Everything. This brings some highly requested features along with a couple of fixes. Here’s the list of changes:

*NEW* Shape Tool – add circles, arrows, lines, rectangles and stars to your project. All shapes are adjustable – you can change the border width, transparency or set a shadow. You can change the color and adjust opacity in the color picker for the shape and its outline. Inserted shapes can be moved and edited just like any other object.

*NEW* Laser Pointers – arrows (in 4 new colors), black and white computer cursors and a hand pointer.

*NEW* Slide order editing – after opening the slide sorter you can drag a slide to a different place. To edit – open the slide sorter, tap and hold a slide and then you can move it.

Bugfixes – many thanks to all users sending us detailed problem reports! The app is very open and sometimes we don’t see some issues that come up after updates.

New Android version features

We hope you like the update! We are working on updating the app every 6 to 8 weeks and bringing more features along the way. You can comment on the update below this post – let us know what you think!

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Feature Comparison
One Account gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Explain Everything Classic
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Auto-Fill, Freeform Shapes) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap