Classic is staying! (Well actually, we’re making it even better!)

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Hello again!

After receiving more feedback from users as well as trying to invent technical solutions on our end, we have some news (hopefully welcome news!) about Classic Explain Everything (iOS).

Instead of pulling Classic Explain Everything, we’re updating it! We have figured out a less disruptive way to do it with the new interface and back-end engine. The updated version will have all the great whiteboarding and screencasting features and it will have full support and updates. It will remain a one time purchase option with an updated price of $9.99/$4.99 VPP. The only things that might have issues include: no more “laser sword”, some projects created over 3 years ago that were never opened in a newer version may have some strange things happen, some of the 3rd-party stylus integrations in Classic won’t work.

The subscription features we have developed will be available as a 30-day trial within the separate free app so you can check them out. After this period it can be purchased for a subscription (within the standalone app too). These features include: real-time collaboration, clipart, Explain Everything Discover portal integration, and much more. The subscription is $2.67 year for EDU users, $4.99 / month for non-edu individuals.

Simply put, if you are a Classic Explain Everything user, you will continue to have the app with some new opportunities made more accessible.

The app will update when the new version is available in the App Store. There are Classic features and there are Subscription features. For people who never purchased Classic, the 30-day free trial with all features will also continue to be available on the store. After the trial a subscription (same price) will give access to all features (Classic and Subscription).

If you have any questions, please contact us! And if this news is helpful, please share!

Thank you for your support!
The Explain Everything Team

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Feature Comparison
One Account gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Explain Everything Classic
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Auto-Fill, Freeform Shapes) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap