August Recap

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Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard August Recap

Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard with news from August. Visit us on Facebook, Google+, and follow us on Twitter if you’re looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways!

recap_icons-zigReshan Richards was interviewed by edtechteacher as a part of their #ETTchat series. Reshan will be also presenting at iPad Summit in Boston, November 17-18th. If you plan to attend don’t miss his Explain Everything & the Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit session. recap_icons-web.govLooking for fun geometry ideas for an Explain Everything project? EE co-founder Reshan Richards has something for you. Inspired by a new mathematical discovery, he provides an interactive tessellation activity for use with Explain Everything. Download the project on his Constructivist Toolkit blog.
recap_icons-kathy_schrockThe Chromebook version of Explain Everything is available and has been featured on Edgaded, EducatorsTechnology, Techlearning, and many others. You can read our Explain Everything on Chromebooks release here. recap_icons-zigCourtney Pepe writes about challenges she sees in the 21st century classroom and how Explain Everything has been used to try to meet them. Read the excellent overview on Daily Genius.
recap_icons-learningshareHow can you help students with -ty and -teen endings while “skip counting”? Use Explain Everything! See Karen Belt’s idea on Show and Tell blog. recap_icons-supportExplain Everything has been listed as the #1 Mobile App for elementary students by John Pearson on his Learn Me Good blog.
recap_icons-ytBelow are some of our favorite videos from YouTube made with or about Explain Everything last month. If you click on the YouTube logo above, you will see all of the EE-related videos from last month.
Exploring Angles
Musical Composition for scene from a book
Create a Super Bug
Explain Everything atomic model
Atomic Structure and isotopes

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And here’s a more detailed roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap