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April Press Digest

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Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything with news from April. Visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you’re looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways!

press_digest-digitalPractical example with video explanation on how to use Google Drive with Explain Everything effectively by Seán McHugh on Digital Literacy Blog. press_digest-mrorr_isJohn Orr shows in a blog post how his students were able to share their thinking while working on error analysis with Explain Everything.
press_digest-hytech“The potential uses for this app are only limited by your imagination”. The Hytech Lawyer recommends Explain Everything in their list of useful iPad apps for lawyers. press_digest-instructional_supportExplain Everything has been chosen as an App of the Week by University of San Diego’s Instructional Support & Training team.
press_digest-moving_at_the_speedCreating narrated slideshows with Explain Everything & Minecraft – a project by Wesley Fryer which he describes in a blog post with video examples press_digest-jakeleeVersatility of Explain Everything and its exporting capabilities  in a blog post about rubric making by Jake Lee.
press_digest-bowkerSupporting mental methods in math done with the help of Explain Everything. See examples of student work on the Bowker Vale Primary School blog showing the logic behind their answers. press_digest-ipad_usage“A wonderful tool that can be used in almost any lesson”. Authors of iPad usage in secondary education blog have written an excellent overview of Explain Everything.
press_digest-tapKyle Pearce shares his ideas on how to engage grade 9 students in exploring geometry and angles using Explain Everything. He also shares .xpl project files and video examples he used so it’s definitely worth checking out. youtube press digest iconsExplain Everything Showcase & Tips
Edu on Air: get up and running with tablet-based creation tools
Cowboys in Texas
MCC Dev Prog Redesign
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