April 5th, 2016 by Sean

March Recap 2016

News, Articles, and Tips from March 2016

Here is a recap of interesting posts and articles about Explain Everything™ with news from March. Visit us on Facebook, Google+, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram if you are looking for more information, updates, and code giveaways!

Nick Acton, writer at learninginspired.com, shares a review of Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard, even suggesting that it may be the ‘death of interactive whiteboards.’ Read his whole review on learninginspired.com.Gil Olsen, blogging about a recent NJ Tech Meetup, describes Explain Everything’s screencasting platform following its selection for the audience award at the march gathering. Find out more on njtech.me.
ThatEdtechGuy (James Gibbons) suggests that Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard may be one of the top educational apps on the market by letting users create, collaborate and share their projects on Discover portal. Find out more on thatedtechguy.wordpress.com.“What will your verse be?” Trevor Mackenzie, an English and IT teacher from Oak Bay High School in Canada, believes that Explain Everything redefines how he assesses student understanding. On his blog he showcases students’ poetry artifacts made entirely with EE. See more on trevmackenzie.wordpress.com.
recap_icons-learningshareAssistive Technology Center’s Laura Medcals talks about annotating and highlighting content in imported files as methods that may be helpful for individuals with learning challenges. Find out more on eastersealstech.com.recap_icons-learningshareWriters from the Tech it Issie blog share their experiences and ideas on teaching in Kindergarten using Explain Everything to create educational games. See more on en.beitissie.org.il.
recap_icons-learningshareEducational Technology and Mobile Learning suggests Explain Everything as one of the greatest educational app for Android platform, calling attention to an easy-to-use screencasting tool that allows students to display their learning in multimodal forms. Find out more on educatorstechnology.com.recap_icons-learningshareExplain Everything co-creator Reshan Richards shares a quick demo of creating custom background templates in Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard. See the example on constructivisttoolkit.com.
recap_icons-learningshareCheck out the newest projects created by Explain Everything users on Explain Everything Discover – get inspired, download materials, and remix projects!