October 17th, 2019 by Bartosz Gonczarek

Language Tutoring with David

Meet David Monzó, a Spanish language tutor that uses Explain Everything when teaching . David is a university teacher that also provides sessions to clients that are looking to improve their language skills. He uses a set of two iPads to make his lessons more impactful and learning easier to retain.

David uses Explain Everything for the following reasons:

  • Practical – the use of a whiteboard replaces the need for carrying a projector or textbooks.
  • Personal – a whiteboard allows you to adapt each lesson to the learner for maximized usefulness.
  • Comprehensive – the entire process can be covered (from an entry level of understanding to repetitions).
  • Collaborative – it’s easier to see one’s thinking when you’re working out problems together.

David’s Approach to tutoring with a digital whiteboard

Check out this interview with David to learn why using a digital whiteboard makes a difference in a 1-1 tutoring session.

David’s Tutoring Tips

Here are few suggestions from David for having a successful tutoring session using Explain Everything on one or (at best) two iPads.

  • Bring materials into the canvas using the camera or earlier prepared scans, saving time on lesson preparation
  • Use zoom to find additional space for laying out explanations on the side of the main content and draw relations with arrows
  • Cut out is a great tool to take a piece of the main material aside for additional explanations/annotations
  • If you frequently hold a series of sessions – use slides to differentiate between meetings for easy access and references
  • Capture and use the timeline to watch how students progress through the topic in real time

Template to get started

Download a zoom-able, step-by-step guide on how to prepare your tutoring session. Use Explain Everything to discover the details of each step.

View this project

A tip to retain more

Next time you strive to learn something, try to put the results from a tutoring session as a wallpaper to come back to them often. It’s easy to output results from a whiteboard and use it as a digital poster or device wallpaper. Come back to results often and, by that, stimulate your memory to retain more.